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Two cups of coffee a day prevents dementia

Scientists in a new study claim drinking coffee helps  to prevent dementia (a chronic persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease). Experts haven’t been able to put their finger on why just two cups of coffee a day can help prevent the disease.
The study found that women over the age of 65 who had normal caffeine intake were 36 percent less likely to develop dementia. Over 6,467 women over the age of 65 were examined by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milawaukee, United States of America on their daily coffee consumption.
They found out that drinking more than two cups of coffee (that is, 261 milligrams of caffeine) had a 36 percent reduction in the risk of having dementia after 10 years.
Head of the research, Ira Driscoll observed that the mounting evidence of caffeine consumption as a potentially protective factor against cognitive impairment is exciting given that caffeine is also an easily modifiable dietary factor.
“While we can’t make a direct link between higher caffeine consumption and lower incidence of cognitive impairment and dementia, with further study, we can better quantify its relationship with cognitive health outcomes,” she noted
“Research on this topic will be beneficial not only from a preventative standpoint but also to better understand the underlying mechanisms and their involvement in dementia and cognitive impairment,” she concluded.

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