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Two days that altered John and Ivie Edobor’s future

John and Ivie Edobor, the estranged couple documenting their marital mess for all, with one left with a broken limb, and the  other facing attempted murder charge, will  now be full of regrets… wishing the events of two days in their lives could be rewound and replayed differently.

Their troubled 9 year marriage may be different today if they had handled events of November 2014 and June 2016 better.

It was in November 2014 that John reportedly kicked Ivie out of their Ajah (Lagos) matrimonial home.

And June 19, 2016, was the day Ivie’s limb was shattered.

The events leading to her leaving her matrimonial home, if handled with patience and maturity,  would have altered the course of their lives.

Though John claimed both agreed that Ivie should move to her father’s Orile house, she maintained she was kicked out of the house in the middle of the night.

Both agreed that her debt was mounting following bad investment moves, but disagreed that creditors were embarrassing them at odd hours.

Her leaving the house which led to other unpalatable events permitted their misunderstanding to escalate. And as the months rolled by, their differences widened.

By June 2016, many things conspired to create more enmity.

And on June 19, when John  waited for his estranged wife to arrive well past 1 am at her Surulere flat, their  future became more uncertain.

The fight with Ivie’s alleged lover Matthew Agbaire  (who has his own wife and children) jeopardised everything.

At the end of it, Ivie’s limb was shattered, and John is now facing an attempted murder charge for the attack, leaving their three daughters as the real victims.

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