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Ultimate Entertainment as GUS 11 airs October 3rd

…Who would believe that from the 3rd of October, a little fishing community called Aguleri in Anambra state will be the source of entertainment for millions of Nigerians around the world? The small community known simply as the food basket of Anambra is hosting the longest running Nigerian reality show, Gulder Ultimate Search which is now in its 11th season.

Incidentally, Anambra has already produced 3 out of the past 10 winners, and this year, there are 3 candidates in the competition from that state, Delta also has 3 candidates.

GUS 11 has so far been a season of mystery, as the organizers have kept fans on their toes from day one with a mysterious call to ‘a mission’ preceding the announcement of the show’s return which was then followed by even more mystery- where was the host? How many contestants? What was The Mission??

Speculations were finally laid to rest on the 6th of September, in typical GUS fashion, as many fans were stunned at the revelation that this year, for the first time, there will be 14 contestants competing for the 10 million naira cash prize of and a brand new Ford explorer.

You can watch all the action and adventure, anchored everyday by the shows longstanding host Chidi Mokeme on African Magic, Real Stars,  Minaj TV Obosi, AIT Network, Ebony Life TV, Galaxy Lagos, Ibadan & Ondo, Hip TV, Nigezie or WapTV at 10pm.


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