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Umuahia: Risen from the ashes of war

A municipal city and the administrative capital of Abia State in southeastern Nigeria, Umuahia is a notable settlement of indigenes from the Igbo tribe.

Located along the rail road that lies between Port Harcourt and Enugu, the city featuresconvivial hinterlands, remarkable landmarks, rich culture, vibrant markets and affable residents, which appeals to visitors and ensures that those who visit are rewarded with a worthwhile experience.


The National War Museum and Ojukwu Bunker

Commissioned in 1985, the National War Museum and Ojukwu Bunker is a Federal Government Establishments that contains relics of the Nigerian Civil War and also serves as a research Centre for historians and academicians. The museum featuresthree galleries: traditional warfare, the armed forces and the Nigerian civil war weapon galleries.

Nigeria’s National Root Crops Research Institute

A famous institute in Umudike, Umuahia, Nigeria’s National Root Crops Research Institute showcases the agricultural heritage of the city. It was set up to conduct research into genetic improvement of economically important root and tuber crops. It also offers diplomas and degrees to students from all over the country in the area of Agriculture.

The Catholic Church seminary

Located in Ndume Ibeku, the Catholic Church Seminary was the first arrival place of the missionaries in Umuahia on their way heading west from Calabar till they ended up at Onitsha.

The Umuahia shopping scene is not as elaborate as that of its sister city Aba. However, from top designer labels, locally produced brands, and street markets with artsy finds – which are mostly cheap facsimiles – there is something for every taste and budget: The local markets and vibrant street markets are however perfect places to get a real sense of the city’s local shopping scene.


If there is one thing any visitor can do in Umuahia, it is to have a good meal. Low costs of doing business, large storage of crop produce and ingenious kitchen talent has accorded Umuahia an impressive variety of restaurants. The city has a burgeoning and eclectic food scene that not only showcase local cuisine but also meals from other parts of the country. Popular places include Aquila Africana Kitchen, De Master Restaurant and Rexetec.


From plush hotels to homely guesthouses, Umuahia offers a variety of lodging options for its visitors. Many of hotels in the city are available at an affordable cost, and the few that are offered at a steep price are certainly worth the value. Some of the most notable hotels include Janix Jazzville Hotel, Oncordia hotel, Hotel Mabeck Limited, Benac suites hotel and more. The most expensive hotels start from as low as NGN10,000, while budget travelers have exciting offers from Royal Class Hotel and Hopelin hotel where rooms start at an average of NGN1,500.


The residents of Umuahia celebrate a masquerade festival known as the Akpe Festival annually which attracts visitors from neighboring cities and towns.

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