Unemployed youths reveal their frustrations (3)

There is no doubt that the education sector in Nigeria is productive every year as hundreds of thousands of graduates are churned out. But the unavailability of jobs has continued to give the affected graduates headaches. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with unemployed youths who shared their ordeals in the labour market and what they do with their time.


JANET MOMOH, Yabatech, 2012

I’m a hairstylist. I have been a hairstylist before leaving Yabatech. After I graduated, there was no job so I have decided to continue to do what I know best. It’s been really good since I started.



I have been an handy man. I do partially all household work for people and it’s fetching me enough money.



I have been painting since I graduated from school I tried securing a good job, but no luck.



I am a fashion stylist. I have been doing this since I graduated. I think I’m okay with this.


AKINOLA ESTHER, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, 2014

It has not been fine ever since I left school. I am still dependent on my parents and my elder brother. There are times I would want to buy something but because I can’t afford it, I will just have to let it go. I’ve not been doing anything. I stay at home all the time. I studied Mass Communication at MAPOLY and graduated in 2014.



I read Accounting at the Lagos State University, Ojo and I graduated in 2014. I just finished my Youth Service Programme. I served in Enugu state. I am planning to go for my ICAN programme before going into the labour market.



I studied Economics at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. I graduated in 2013. I have not gotten any job offer yet but I am still trying. I bake cake to get money to sustain myself pending the time I will secure a good job.


FASASI MUSA, Osun State Polytechnic, 2015

I read Accounting at Osun State Polytechnic.  I graduated in 2015. I have not been working because I am yet to go for my youth service. By the time I finish serving, I believe I will be employed. But for now, I don’t have anything doing. I just sleep, eat and do domestic work for my parents.


AJIBOLA GRACE, Tai Solarin University, 2015

I graduated in 2015 from Tai Solarin University. I studied Business Education. I have not gotten a job because of the salary. It is very small. I’ve applied to different schools for jobs. I hope to get a very good one soon.


AFOLABI DAMOLA, University of Ibadan, 2015

I graduated from the University of Ibadan in 2015. I studied Wildlife and Forestry. I have not been working because my job does not specialize in working for a company or an organiasaiton. My line of job is to establish a fish pond.


ADEBAYO OLUWASEUN, University of Ilorin, 2010

I have not gotten a job since I graduated from University of Ilorin in 2010. I studied Industrial Chemistry. I am doing menial jobs so that I can feed myself and my junior ones because I don’t have parents who will cater for them.


BUSARI RAFIU, Lagos State Polytechnic, 2010

I graduated from Lagos State Polytechnic in 2010. I studied Mechanical Engineering. I work with my dad. He runs a furniture company. I follow him to work to keep myself busy and also learn the work for future purpose.



I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Lagos and graduated in 2012. Though I have been going for audition here and there, I’ve not been too lucky. Right now, I manage in my brother’s shop where he does typing, lamination and printing business. It’s just a business centre. That is where I am still managing.

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