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Untold story of Silverbird’s Aisha Mustapha’s murder -No lover killed her, prime suspect cooked up story’

-‘Four persons in custody as investigation continues’

The heart-wrenching story of how beautiful Silverbird staff, Aishat Noble-Mustapha was brutally murdered on Saturday, March 14, 2015, at her Ogudu, Lagos residence has left many wondering ‘how could someone be so callous?’


Her remains

Auchi, Edo-indigene, Aishat reportedly just returned from the Ikeja City Mall branch of the company where she was recently posted at around 7:30pm when she was attacked by a yet-to-be-identified person at her 25, Salaudeen Akano Street, Ogudu GRA, Lagos residence.

ENCOMIUM Weekly visited Area H Police Command, Ogudu, where the case was reported on Thursday, March 19, 2015. The officer we spoke with (who didn’t want to be named) confirmed the incident. He said that the victim was indeed stabbed up to 11 times judging by her wounds. He added that she fell into the gutter in front of her residence as she attempted to break free from her assailant.

Her 25, Salaudeen Akano Street, Ogudu GRA, Lagos residence was under lock with no trace of life; only a black Toyota Corolla was parked in the compound when we visited on Thursday, March 19, 2015. The two co-joined shops – a cake shop and a dry-cleaning shop – were equally under lock.

Our correspondent had a chat with the Silverbird Television reporter handling the case, David Ubabudike. We asked about the facts, his response: “Aishat’s killer has not been established, but the police have made a few arrests. Initially, they arrested one Chima Shadrack Mmuta, the prime suspect. In all, they have arrested four of her neighbours including the said Chima and one Mr. Ogundimu who happens to be within the premises when the incident occurred. The other two people are Chima’s hosts, the people he lived with. Investigation is still ongoing and the case has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Division (SCID), Panti.”

Clearing the air on whether Aishat was killed by her boyfriend or lover as wildly speculated, he said: “No boyfriend or lover killed Aishat. The prime suspect cooked up the story in his defense. Every evidence the police have points at him. In his defense, he claimed he saw a guy beating and stabbing her and then drove off in a car. The police asked him to describe the person and car he drove off in, he couldn’t give a description. Also, he was found with the victim’s blood-stained phone two days after while in the police cell. He hid it in his under pants or so. However, he remains a suspect, though he is the prime

Her residence

Her residence

suspect, until the police come up with clear facts.”

We asked if she was pregnant as was speculated, he said: “Autopsy is yet to be carried out on her corpse and until then we cannot really say whether she was pregnant. The pregnancy stuff we hear is mere speculation. I have seen Aisha transit from a slim to a fat girl and back to a slim girl. Most people probably saw a picture of her looking fat and assumed she was pregnant. The Aisha I knew before the unfortunate incident was on the slim side trying to gain some weight again. For now, it’s all speculation.”

We contacted the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Kenneth Nwosu on Sunday, March 22, 2015. He confirmed the incident, he said: “The exhibit (a knife) suspected to have been used for the crime is in our custody. We have extended our investigative dragnet. We want to assure the public, especially the family of the victim that we are taking this case very serious as we believe in the sanctity of life as enshrined in the constitution. We will chase the killer that denied Aisha her life to the ends of the earth and the long arm of the law will catch up with the culprit.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke with a number of her colleagues at the Silverbird Cinemas, Victoria Island, Lagos…

Prince Joe, who works in the radio news arm of the company…

“Aisha was like a sister to me as we are both from Auchi, Edo state and speak the same language. We were very close. She was a jovial, lively and hardworking person.

Azuka, who also works in radio news eulogized her…

“Aisha and I only had a professional relationship, but we were quite close while she was in the communications department before she was drafted to the cinemas section. She worked with Silverbird for more than eight years and she was a hard working person that knew her work well. She could be very persistent, she’s a go-getter, she made things happen. She was an extrovert, very vibrant and intellectually sound. You could engage her in an intellectual conversation for a long time and she would have something to say unlike some ladies.”

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