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Unveiling prostitutes’ common names

+Real reasons they will never disclose their real identities

Commercial sex work, though a very  old trade associated with massive condemnation and societal rejection on account of its abuse on African culture, has kept growing in leaps and bounds as more and more young ladies, even teenagers, are veering into the illicit business.

However, unlike in the past,  some prostitutes now parade themselves during the day as though larger percentage of them usually assemble at various fun spots or major roads in every city or suburb in the country, including the Federal Capital Territory where places like Wuse, Garki (Lagos street), Kubuah, Area N, among others, are always flooded at night with prostitutes from different parts of the country.

According to’s investigation, one thing that’s common in their modus operandi is not the price they charge, sex style or their mode of dressing, but use of fake names, including Joy, Blessing, Jeniffer, Chichi, Loveth, Cynthia, Bola, Nikky, Liz and more.

A fun seeker who pleaded anonymity narrated his experience to while he was still a night crawler. He confirmed to us that many prostitutes he had met never disclosed their real names until he asked them to send their account details which in most cases they had turned down.

According to him, “Hardly can you see a prostitute bearing her real name in the public. Most of them prefer using names like Blessing and Joy mostly to deceive men. Other names they still like adopting are Jeniffer, Loveth, Chichi, Cynthia,vBola, Nikky and Temmy, irrespective of where they come from.

“And the reason is very simple. Most of them don’t trust anybody they meet. A prostitute can give three men three different names. They too don’t like to be known with their genuine names publicly. Even, they give fake addresses so that you won’t be able to trace them if they commit any crime. It’s only when you request that they should send their account details they can only give you their real names which I have experienced when I used to visit club houses. Also, when they travel to their villages during Christmas or New Year festival. They’re doing that to protect themselves from further ridicule because they too are aware of the fact that the business is dirty.”



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