Update on Lagos pharmacist’s controversial death -Wife, Busayo Olafare released by police  after 25 days in detention

Wife of Lagos pharmacist who allegedly committed suicide, Busayo Olafare has been  released after being detained for three and half weeks at Panti Police station, Yaba, Lagos. Busayo was released on Friday, May 8, 2015, after the police carried out investigations on the result of the  autopsy of her late husband Paul Olafare.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a phone chat with Lagos PPRO, Kenneth Nwosu, who confirmed the release of Busayo but kept mute when we asked him about the result of the autopsy.

We also spoke to Mr. Kehinde Nubi, the spokesperson for the Taiwo family (Busayo’s family). He said, “The autopsy result must have proved Busayo’s innocence. Although the police didn’t tell us the actual result, they have released her and asked her to report back.”

…Psychologist speaks

Who are the people likely to commit suicide?

Depression is clearly associated with suicide. Many of what we know about the characteristics of suicide is based on psychological autopsies such as interviews with close friends, relatives, doctors conducted shortly after the death. Three times as many men as women succeed at killing themselves. This is because women tend to act impulsively, they are relatively public about their attempts, and tend to use relatively less serious means. Men in contrast, tend to give prior warning signs of their intentions, indicating that the act was not purely impulsive but thought out in advance and they use highly effective methods, for example,  gun, jumping from high place.

Why do people commit suicide?

A person contemplating suicide may do so because he/she wishes to make amends for some acts committed or get rid of him/herself of unrespectable thoughts. Suicide may be as a result of aggression turned inward, excessive self criticism and aggression. For example, some people have a system of hostile thoughts and attitudes that constantly nag, judge, attack and punish one’s self. The inner voice is part of one’s internal dialogue, it’s a thought that runs through your head all the time. When it becomes vicious and predominant, self destruction may result to substance abuse, suicide or psychometric illness. Two third of all suicide attempts are estimated to be actually attempts to communicate something to others. For example, the need for love, the desire for others to feel guilty, unmet needs in general. The intention to kill oneself is not constant, it comes and goes.

How Paul Olafare died

Lagos pharmacists, Paul Oluwaseun Olafare, said to be in his early 30s allegedly committed suicide in the early hours of Sunday, April 12, 2015, in Lagos after drinking a substance (in a bottle) suspected to be a pesticide.

It is believed that Paul Olafare drank the poisonous substance while his wife, Busayo was having her bath in preparation for church. She reportedly stepped out to meet her husband writhing in pains.

Paul’s brother, Olami Olafare, however, had a different story which he posted on his Facebook wall after his demise.

In series of posts, Olami alleged Paul was murdered. He also said his wife “didn’t call any member of the family, saying he drank poison and she took him to the morgue before neighbours called my dad. They caught her packing her belongings. What a life if Nigeria Police refuse to investigate properly, God will and I mean God will. Omo Olafare Paul sun re ooo.”

But speaking with a neighbour of the Olafares, Mama Blessing, told ENCOMIUM Weekly the little she knew about the pharmacist’s shocking death.

“We don’t really know what happened because we were all preparing for church that Sunday morning, the wife of Mr. Olafare, Busayo called for help and he was rushed to the hospital.

“My husband went with other people to rescue Mr. Olafare but he had drank the said pesticide already. While the doctors and nurses tried to save his life by placing him on oxygen, it was reported that the substance was affecting their eyes. I think he actually drank the pesticide. The pesticide was smelling everywhere in their house, but we don’t know how he drank it.”

It was further revealed that Paul was initially taken to Daniel Hospital, at Car Wash, Oworonshoki, Lagos, where he died.

From a polygamous family of eight (four boys and four girls) the deceased who allegedly worked with LUTH was the oldest was buried on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

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