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Update on Pa Kasumu’s health – To spend N120,000 monthly on physiotherapy

+Shelves India trip

Ailing A-class actor, Kayode Odumosu, popularly known as Pa Kasumu has commenced the first phase of his health restoration process, which has to do with physiotherapy, ENCOMIUM Weekly authoritatively reveals.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, November 9, 2013, the famous role interpreter’s spokesperson, Mrs. Idowu Olajide said that the plan to get Pa Kasumu back on his feet has started taking proper shape.  She told us that all the necessary steps, including the procurement of the required gadgets for the treatment are being taken.

“We have contacted physiotherapists, and they have started work on Pa Kasumu’s health. We have been charged N120,000 monthly. We’re also asked to buy the required gadgets for the treatment which cost N150,000. We have started the procurement already, and by Monday, November 11, 2013, I believe everything would have been ready. The treatment will continue until he is certified fit.

“Also, he will be undergoing cardio and neuro treatment simultaneously. We have also engaged the services of a dietician, who will be advising him on what and when to eat. All these also cost a lot of money. It’s a kind of complex ailment that requires being tackled from all angles, if we really want to help him.”

Asked if any step has been taken concerning Pa Kasumu’s wish to relocate from his noisy and congested Mushin, Lagos abode, she explained, “We are making frantic efforts on that but we’re yet to succeed. What we want to do is to buy a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom bungalow to call his own, instead of spending money on house rent. But the prices we have been getting so far are not within our reach. The owners of the property are demanding N5 million, N7 million and so on, which we can’t afford. And we don’t want him to relocate to a place that will still be as noisy as his present house where he is paying N150,000 per year. Now, we have decided to go to Abeokuta, Ogun State. We believe we should be able to get a bungalow for him at an affordable price. I believe if that is settled, part of Pa Kasumu’s problems is gone. He won’t be thinking of anything again that can make his health relapse.

“Pa Kasumu needs proper rehabilitation, if we really want him to be relevant again. No matter the treatment and maintenance, he can’t be that active as before, if at all he goes back to acting. So, he needs an accommodation where he will be comfortable, and he won’t be thinking of paying rent for life”.

Also asked if the plan to fly to India the Odogbolu, Ogun born thespian still holds, she also reacted – “Nothing like that for now. It has been shelved, pending the time we are able to raise enough funds. What’s important now is to relocate him so that we will not be complicating his health condition. The hospital we contacted in India has sent all the necessary documents to us, and we have discovered that the whole thing will cost about N2.5 million. So, if we remove that from the N5.3 million we have raised so far, how much will now be left? And again, if he returns from the trip, what will he be eating? And how will he continue his medication and all that? That’s why we’re still appealing to the public and government at all levels for further assistance. Apart from the N5.3 million, we have not received any donation from anybody again. Pa Kasumu still needs about N6.7 million more”.




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