Ushbebe talks about his March 22 show

Ushbebe, born Justice Emonaerere Nuagbe, is a standup comedian, event compere/MC, OAP, TV presenter and a Theatre Arts graduate from the Delta State University, Abraka.

Ushbebe, formerly a banker, went into TV working with ace comedian, AY as event manager/presenter on The AY Show. Presently he’s a cast of AY’s Crib playing the role of AY’s gate man. From Warri, he presents the morning show on Naija FM 102.7 with Godwin and Sabina and hostS his TV show, The Chronicles of Ushbebe which airs on Ben TV UK, Realstar TV and Vchannel, both on Startimes cable network. He’s the CEO of Pride Rock Entertainment, an events company.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opens up on his forthcoming show and career…

us9What are your preparations for your forthcoming show?

We are doing everything necessary to give Nigerians a solid fun filled event. We have arranged interesting contents to keep everyone entertained and also every section from ticketing, security, hospitality, we are good to go.

Why did you tag it Chronicles of Ushbebe?

The Chronicles of Ushbebe Live is my television show so I decided to take the intrigue from television to the stage by saying Chronicles of Ushbebe. I would say, I am giving you the different sides of Ushbebe.

We gathered you are working on a short movie with Daniella Okeke. Tell us about the movie and other cast?

It’s a promotional flick about a busy body woman who interferes in issues that less concerns her. It is a two character cast shot and directed by Efe Mike-Ifeta, a Nigerian filmmaker based in Canada.

Tell us about your role?

I acted a man who wants to try the woman gender but doesn’t want to go through the surgery and implant procedure.

Why the choice of Daniella Okeke?

I worked with her because she is a great actress and fits the role perfectly.

When and where exactly is the show likely to hold?

The Chronicles of Ushbebe is holding at the Shell Hall Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos, on March 22 from 4pm.

How challenging has it been getting ready for a show like this?

It’s been really challenging considering that sponsorship in Nigeria is a man-know-man business, not merit. However, we get along by the grace of God. This is the second edition and it’s been individual efforts and support from my wonderful friends from the comedy and music industry. However, this edition would be sponsored by a talent encouraging brand, Propertymart Real Estate Investment Ltd owners of Grenadines Homes and other business owners. They are the main sponsors of the show, they came in when I have given up and said, “We want to be a part of it,” which is assisting to reduce the bill.

Is this your first show?

No, it’s not my first show. Like I said, this is the second edition. The first was in May 2014 and it was a huge success considering the calibre of artistes that supported me and also the great turn out from my fans and friends.

What are some of the things you are putting into place in order to make it more successful than the previous one?

This year, we have decided to start early so we don’t close late. We have improved the security around Muson. Although last year was free of hazard, however, we want to have a highly entertaining event.

03-Munachi Abii-OnoBello-1105How much has it gulped so far?

I can’t really give figures but I would say some millions sha. It would have been more if my comedy and music artistes had to bill me but all love because we all look out for ourselves.

Aside the short movie, what other side attractions should people look out for at the show?

I am a skit man. So, they will enjoy enough skits. I will be doing live performances of my fan’s favourite sketches – Killer with Susan Peters and Ushbebe De Artiste with Godwin Aruwayo.

Would it be a free show or tickets would be sold and for how much?

It is not a free show, although people wey sabi beg for ticket will beg and we will have to give because not everybody is a stranger. However, the gate fees are: Regular N5,000, VIP N10,000 and table seat is N30,000 and table for 10 is N300,000.

How would you rate your career over the years?

I will say I am at my 7 if you do over 10 because I have grown in the business. Comparing where I was two years ago, boys are now men and it’s because of the love I get from everyone that enjoys Ushbebe either on radio, on AY’s Crib, my skits, television show, at weddings, events and all.

What would you count as the pains and gains?

I studied Theatre Arts. So, I have been trained to absorb what a lay man will call pain, because it’s the pain that helps you enjoy the gain and anyone that wants to rise must take challenges as stepping stones. My gain majorly is the applause I get from fans when I drive by, when I go into a super-mart to buy stuffs or messages I get saying, “We are proud of you”, “We love you” and much more.

What do you think stands you out?

Spontaneity and respect for the business.

What is the greatest thing comedy has done for you?

I can’t say greatest because I am still in the hustle, and comedy pays my bills and keeps me relevant.


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