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Uzodimma validates Obiyor’s Awareness Facilitation of Covid-19 donation

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has validated the awareness facilitation of Covid-19 donation championed by Dr. Uzoma Obiyor, using a dedicated United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc Account belonging to the government.

Dr. Obiyor had sought the nod of the governor to leverage his local and international business connections to assist government in creating awareness on the danger posed by the coronavirus and solicit support for government in containing the pandemic as it concerns Imo State.

The governor has, therefore, validated as authentic an earlier Account Number made available to potential donors by Dr. Obiyor, thus:

Bank: UBA Plc

Account Name: Imo Covid-19

Account Number: 1022751826

In the wake of the pandemic outbreak, Dr. Obiyor had appealed to Nigerians from all spheres of life: technocrats, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, multinationals, corporate organizations and well meaning Nigerians to rise in solidarity to provide relief support to both the federal and state governments to eradicate the Covid-19.

Concerning Imo, he said: “Our State government under the leadership of His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma has put in place stringent preventive measures in readiness for this crisis by placing certain restrictions, constituting a Task Force to manage the effects of the pandemic as well as producing PPEs and other preventive medical supplies.

“However, the new administration has no funds in preparation for a pandemic of this magnitude and so does not have the necessary resources nor facilities to cope with this outbreak should it permeate our borders. We can, therefore, support our state government to contain its spread by contributing towards the setting up of Isolation Centres and making available materials for our people who majorly are unable to afford these items. We, therefore, solicit the contributions of multinationals, cooperate organizations, well meaning Imolites: home and in diaspora, either by donation of funds, medical equipment or PPE materials (Masks, Sanitisers, Gloves, etc.) and other relief materials to support our government.”

The governor is grateful to those who have already extended one form of assistance or the other to the government as regards the fight against Covid-19.

Oguwike Nwachuku

Chief Press Secretary/Media Adviser (Gov.)



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