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Valentine Special: Celebs reveal their plans


As Valentine’s Day draws closer, celebrities are putting things together to ensure they have a good time come February 14. Some will be performing at events, while others will just be spending time with family to mark the love themed day.

ENCOMIUM Weekly chatted with some celebs as they shared their Valentine plans with us…


SAIDI BALOGUN, actor and producer

Saidi Balogun

Saidi Balogun


Valentine is a moment to show love. I love my family, my children, my hubby and my job. And this year, I am spending Valentine at Berlin Film Festival, Germany, where I will be having a nice moment with film makers and industry stakeholders from all over the world. It’s surely going to be an exciting and historical moment.

My most memorable Valentine was in 2007. It’s exactly three months after the accident that almost claimed my life. I just discovered that people just gathered in my office on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, to celebrate with me. I would say, they really showed love and they’re all happy I was still alive.



Alex-Okoroji-650x400I will spend Valentine’s Day in my house in Lagos with my son. It’s a Sunday. I’m guest on an international radio podcast in Canada. I’ll do that and then a video broadcast for my new blog community. And treat the rest of the day like just another Sunday.

It is a day to extend love to the unloved, to those who are lacking (even though in all honesty, everyday should be Valentine’s Day).

Last year, I spent my Valentine on a date with former gubernatorial candidate for Lagos State, Mr. Jimi Agbaje and his wife. We had an intimate dinner with other single mothers, divorcee, widows, who are entrepreneurs working overtime to fend for themselves. It was a great enlightening gathering.


1-yemi soladeactor and producer

I will be on location on Valentine’s Day. I am 56, Valentine is not for old people like me. There is nothing about Valentine. It is like every other day for me.

I cannot remember even from my secondary school days to my university days. I am a very afrocentric person. I love African culture that is why I do African movies but I buy gifts for my family, well wishers and friends. I don’t have to wait for February 14 before I do them those things.




I’m not sure where I’ll be celebrating it. If a business trip takes me away before that day, I’m taking my wife along and then we have our Valentine. Basically, I’ll be celebrating Valentine with my wife.

My most memorable Valentine would be the one before I got married, because I proposed to her on Valentine’s Day, precisely February 14, 2012.



1-uti7actor and model

I will be working on Valentine’s Day. I will be in Warri, Delta state, hosting a show. For me, Valentine is a day to make extra income.

Yes, I have had memorable Valentine. In 2012, I hosted the Grey Goose dinner. It was very glamorous and luxurious. Every day I make the most amount of money is Valentine for me.


FOLUKE DARAMOLA, actress and producer

Foluke-Daramola-March-2014-BellaNaija-02-2Valentine, to me, is a time to celebrate humanity in love. It’s a time to share emotionally and physically with people around you. It’s also a time to be a shoulder to lean on, especially with people that crave to have one. This Valentine, I am celebrating it with my hubby. We’re going somewhere private to be alone, that’s on Sunday, February 14. But on Saturday, February 13, we have a special programme which will be open to all later. And in the evening, we will have a boat cruise with Labi of TVC. Then on Monday, February 15, 2016, I have a remembrance symposium for my late adopted son, Olamide David. And I am inviting many schools as well as his parents to celebrate him, because that day is my birthday and my wedding anniversary. Dr. Joe Odumakin is going to be our chief speaker for the day. Other foundations and my celebrity friends will be coming as well to celebrate Olamide with me.

My best Valentine so far was the one I met my hubby (Adeorimi Ayinde). That’s in 2011. Though as a friend then, but even in friendship, he was and still the best Valentine I could ever wish for.


1-KolaSoul-001KOLASOUL, artiste

I have some shows, basically to celebrate with people that’ll be celebrating Valentine. Then much later, I’ll spend time with people that are very dear to my heart, that’s family.

My most memorable Valentine’s Day was two years ago when I did something special, but I’m not telling what it is.


Cossy-OrjiakorCOSSY ORJIAKOR, actress

I don’t know yet. My man is out of town. I think I may be doing a sexy Skype chat with him and in-between take sexy pictures for my fans. I will be in Abuja.



My most memorable Valentine was the one I planned and spent with my entire family. Valentine is all about love, peace and unity. This year’s Valentine is for my kids. We will go watch a movie, eat out etc.


Biola Eyinoka 1-Fullscreen capture 2102016 40044 PMBIOLA EYINOKA, actress

I can spend it anywhere, location, church or home, anywhere. Every Valentine is always special because it’s my younger brother’s birthday.’

Every Valentine and everyday is memorable because I receive new mercies every day.

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