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Valentine Special: How to celebrate love on a low budget

Valentine’s Day has been known as a  special time to show just how much you love and appreciate people. Every February 14, chocolates, candies, cards, sweets and gifts are exchanged between loved ones. Some people expect even more expensive gifts like boat cruises, dinner at top notch restaurant, helicopter rides, vacation in exclusive hotels, expensive diamond rings, vacations at exotic locations outside the country like Dubai, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Mauritius, etc.

The truth is the economy is tough right now and a lot of people are still trying to recover from spending too much during Christmas and New Year holidays. Having the means to pay for expensive gifts or expensive night outs or dates does not stop you from expressing love for your Valentine personally. It also does not relieve your Valentine from returning such love personally.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to spoil your Val. All you have to do is plan ahead and try to define your budget and stick to it. As long as he or she feels spoilt, your day is a success. Many times, the little things we do matter and go a long way.



You can take your time to actually make a special love letter to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. You can write about the amazing times spent together. Express your feelings and all the reasons you love being with the person. Tell him or her the little things that you forget to tell him or her daily. You can write all of these in one sheet of paper, scented paper of course or write them in little pieces of paper and place them in places he/she can’t miss. Little pieces of paper containing sweet words placed here and there would definitely make your partner smile.



Who doesn’t love a romantic dinner! Eating out on Valentine’s Day might be a bit of a problem because restaurants would be either too crowded, booked up or even too expensive.  So, why not cook dinner. Make his/her favourite meal and set the tables with candles, scented candles of course, not the regular ones, turn the lights low and put in some soft music.

If you can’t cook, you can order from your favourite restaurant and have it delivered to your house. Your Valentine will definitely appreciate the effort and quiet time with you. You can also decorate the table with red rose petals or confetti.



This year’s Valentine is on a Sunday, so it makes it all better. You can spoil your Val by fixing him breakfast in bed. Pancakes and orange juice would never go wrong, neither would sandwich. This will come as a surprise to your Valentine, especially if you’ve never given him such a treat. Just make sure you are up early enough to surprise him or her with the breakfast tray.



Though in our part of the world, flowers aren’t really appreciated, many ladies still love flowers. Flowers might just be the way to your woman’s heart.

If you really want to give flowers but can’t afford to visit a florist, cut our beautiful flowers from around you and deliver them to her yourself. You can also purchase artificial rose petals and sprinkle them all over the house or bedroom. You can arrange or sprinkle the petals passing I love you message or let it simply lead your Val to a special night.



You are probably used to going to the cinemas to see movies with your partner. For Valentine, do something different. Buy a romantic movie on DVD, set up your living room to be very comfortable, turn the light down, get popcorn and drinks, get all cozy and cuddle with your Val while you see the movie.


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