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Vast of Bracket finally cancer free

Doctors certify him okay


The popular singing duo, Bracket are canvassing for funds to sponsor four cancer patients for overseas treatment.

Bracket Foundation and B2 Bricon Campaign for Life are reaching out to Nigerians to donate generously to this cause. The foundations already has four cancer patients, Folashade, Tolu, Gladys and Ronke to travel abroad for treatment.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a short chat with the talented duo about this and much more.


What should we expect from your stables this year?

The major thing we are working on is this foundation. We pray that we would get a major sponsor so that we can convert the mega jam to a yearly event. We want to help cancer patients and their relatives, that is exactly what we are looking at this year.

What about music wise?

We are working with all the new kids on the block. We are changing the game. We have a couple of songs with Tekno, we are working with Mr. Eazi. We want to diversify. Wherever the industry is going to, let us go together.

You said you have a bigger followership outside Nigeria are things still the same?

We can’t help it because it is quite unfortunate that whatever we drop, even if they don’t know it here, it would be accepted outside the country. For example, Mama Africa was not that big in Lagos but it was in the East. It has more followership outside the country.

It has like 26 million followership on youtube. It is one of the biggest songs in Egypt and Morocco. Other parts of the country grabbed it fast.

So far, Yori Yori is your greatest. Do you still have capacity to do something greater than that?

Yes, people say that a lot but the album that made us what we are today was our second album. It has Yori Yori remix. Yori Yori registered internationally but that album made us who we are today. Funny enough, Yori Yori had just few thousand views.

Yori Yori was our divine mercy album. Every artiste has divine mercy song or album. Like 2Face, no song can beat African Queen. Our prayer is that God would keep us there, it is not easy. There is a song you do and it would be well accepted, just keep on working.

Tell us the story behind Yori Yori.

B24 Life CampaignHunger! When you are hungry, you would be creative. We were hungry. We did a song, Happy day, if people should listen to it, they would say it is a good song but it never brought us money. So, we decided to do something danceable, you know, girls love praises, they want guys to just keep on praising them.

Another thing was that it had an entirely different sound from what was happening in the industry. It was a different sound. Flavor cannot do a song like Ashewo again, Davido can’t do a song like Skelewu again, the only thing artistes should do is to keep being relevant.

Keep doing your music. There is a hit you would do that you can’t beat.

Are you not threatened or worried by the fact that new artistes are taking over the scene?

You have to be worried but remember there was a time some old musicians were worried about you. Just do something to stay relevant, don’t just stay at home sleeping. The worst thing to happen to an artiste is to say ‘oh, these kids don’t have respect’. Just do your own thing. Once you start feeling that way, it is that moment you would start going down. When I see them do music and I love their song, I just pray for them to keep going, that is the spirit.

So, tell us more about the cancer awareness campaign?

Yes, we have started our campaign. We had a concert sometime back but we want it to be on a bigger platform. We had a standup to cancer concert. A lot of celebrities are already part of this campaign. We already have four patients we want to assist. A lot of people don’t have the money to go out for treatment. We want to stop people from dying from cancer. Apart from rising awareness, we need to build capacity to detect cancer early, treat people who detect late.

We have four patients Folashade, Gladys, Tolu and Ronke. We need money to take care of these people. Their families need money to keep on surviving as well.

There are a lot of NGOs who are doing free screening. In Nigeria, there are over two million people living with cancer. We are hoping to use the fund raised to support their families and to get treatment for the patients.

Dr. Niyi Adekeye and Abigail Samsonhearts are founders of B2 Bricon Campaign for Life. Abegail is also a cancer survivor.

How far with your check up, do you still go for constant checkups?

Yes, I do. My last checkup was in December. I still have another appointment later this year around May, that would the fifth time I would be going. The doctor said, after the fifth checkup, I should know that I am totally certified cancer free but I would still continue to go for checkup. The doctor said I am very okay. I thank God.




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