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VICTOR UWAIFO speaks passionately about his collabo with 2Face on Legend Reborn album

SIR Victor Efosa Uwaifo, the guitar virtuoso is waxing stronger by the day as an artiste despite the fact that he is 72.  He is still at his best musically.  The Joromi exponent is out with a new album entitled, Legend Reborn.

Legend Reborn is a classic from the veteran who collaborated with the new generation of artistes the likes of Waje, Ice Prince and a host of others.  Signed under 2Face’s Hypertek Music, music lovers will definitely feel a blend of the old and new in Legend Reborn.

Victor Uwaifo

Victor Uwaifo

The Member of British Empire, former Commissioner in Edo State, sculptor, lecturer and hospitality guru, in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, talked passionately about life as a music super star and more…


How does it feel releasing a new album at over 70?

You can see from the expression on people’s faces that it is great.  It feels great.  This is a marriage of two generations.  It is indeed Legend Reborn.

What should your fans expect from the album?

The album cuts across all generations.  It is analogue and digital marriage.  It is a fusion of sounds.  The old generation bridged into the new.

It has been a while you released a song?

I release songs every year.  This one is now that is why there is so much attention.

What is your take on the music industry, can you compare it with what you had in your days?

There was originality in the 60s, 70s until computer came in.  Computer removed the depth and soul in it. Computer has no soul, it cannot interpret your dream, but the analogue can interpret your expression, it can give your song soul.  Computer is plastic, it has no feeling.

How does it feel collaborating with the young artistes?

If you don’t know your past and your present, you cannot conquer the future.  It was a great experience for all of us.

When do you see yourself retiring?

You don’t retire with a soul.  Once you retire, you can pass out.  It is one soul talking to one another.

What has sustained you over the years musically and physically?

Discipline has sustained my physical, mental and spiritual exercise.  I am a communicant.  I am a practicing Christian.

What genre of music should fans expect from the album?

Different categories, contemporary sound, highlife, hip-hop.  It is generally today’s music, what everybody is willing to listen to.

Tell us about your association with 2Face Idibia?

My association is beyond collaboration. As you can see, I am signed onto Hypertek now.  The transaction showed that there is something unique that I possess, which could benefit both managements.

It is rare to have people who have lived through different generations declare interest in working with the new generation.  Why did you decide to work with 2Face and some other artistes?

To marry the past and the present and to teach the young generation resilience and how to stay on the scene.  I have been in the music scene for over 60 years and I can shape it the way I want.  It is important to understand music because only then will musicians be able to mold and reinvent it but if you don’t and rely on computer, it will destroy you.

What advise do you have for the young generation?

They should learn how to play music instruments well as real rudiments of music.





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