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Video: How Jonathan’s Chief Economist fought Akinwumi Adesina over false job creation claims – APC National Spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi

Bolaji Abdullahi in his new book on a platter of gold wrote an account that transpired between Akinwumi Adesisa, former agriculture minister and Jonathan’s Chief Economist during the Federal Executive Council over false claims made by the minister to have created over a million jobs through the activities of his ministry.
Speaking on the Gatefield TV interview programme, #ConversationswithAbangMercy, Mr. Abdullahi said,
“There was a time he came to FEC to say that his ministry has created 1.2 million jobs, the presidents national economic adviser took him up and said No, I don’t have any evidence that 1.2 million jobs were created through your ministry. The National Bureau of Statistics did not report to me.”

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