Video: Watch Nigerian ladies answer questions men are too afraid to ask

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5 young women speak candidly on some of the things men would want to know about bras, sex, periods and dating, but are too afraid to ask.

In a video from Thenetng, Yemi, Oyinda, Sharon, Enitan and Anu talk about stuff most people would rather avoid: the comfort of bras, being turned on, feeling aroused, dating a friend’s Ex boyfriend and more.

One described being aroused this way, “Hard nipples, you are wet everywhere, water dropping down your legs…”

When asked about Bras, Another participant said, “I love wearing Bra, I wear Bra 24/7, even to sleep. When I wear Bra, I feel like I’m held in place, I’m supported”

This video will either blow your mind or make you cringe!


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