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Virgin Atlantic airline denies sacking Nigerian cabin crew without severance packages

‘They’re well compensated,  and we’re not leaving Nigeria!’

CONTRARY to social media report, Virgin Atlantic Airline, has refuted sacking all its staffers in Nigeria, including the cabin crew

Chief John Adebanjo

Chief John Adebanjo

without paying them severance allowance irrespective of their length of service with the British mega carrier.  It added that it only revolves around nothing but falsehood.

Responding to ENCOMIUM Weekly’s text on the issue on Sunday, November 8, 2015, the company’s representative in Nigeria, Chief John Adebanjo expressed total dismay about the widely spread story, labeling those behind it as rumour peddlers.

“That’s not true.  We have even decided to take a legal action against the publishing house that started the baseless rumour.  We still have all our staff in Nigeria except the cabin crew.  And the crew were given severance packages over and above what they have in their contract, and they’re very appreciative of that.”

Asked to comment on another report that Richard Branson’s company has closed down its business in Nigeria on account of what it allegedly described as Buhari’s poor economic policy, he also reacted, “Thank you for the clarification.  We’re also not exiting this country as reported.  Nigeria has always been a part of our future plans and will continue to be so.”

Meanwhile, a couple of days back, social media was agog with the report that Virgin Atlantic, largely owned by a British mogul, Richard Branson has fired all its Nigerian workers without severance packages.  Not only that, the company was also said to have put a stop to its business in Nigeria due to what it reportedly described as the present administration’s hostile economic policy.

But when ENCOMIUM Weekly contacted its representative in Nigeria, Chief Adebanjo, he denied it all.



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