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Visa : Seun Kuti misses Felabration at Notting Hil

Seun Kuti, will miss the much talked about FELABRATION AT THE NOTTING HILL Carnival, due to his inability to renew his expired UK Visa. Seun, the younger of the two ANIKULAPO-KUTI musician brothers, lately put in his visa for renewal at the British Embassy but unfortunately this process will take longer than he had envisaged. So while YENI, FEMI and other members of the FELABRATION Family will be painting the NOTTING HILL Carnival ground red, come Monday August 28, 2017Seun will be back home in Lagos, giving them all the moral support needed.

However his absence will Not take any shine off FELABRATION’S first time ever appearance at the Global Carnival.
London is already agog with the Afrobeat feeling as a horde of well choreographed scintillating Afrobeat dancers wearing the FELA world renowned trademark makeups, are in the U.K. already raring to go.
They are not alone, Afrobeat music groups in the U.K. and across the globe, have all converged in London to honour FELA, come Monday August 28.
The event proper takes off at 10am on the day and it’s expected to run through to 8pm. The FELABRATION Park of the Carnival shall be located at the Emsile Horniman Pleasance Park on 12, Golborne Gardens, Kensal Road, London, W10 5DH.
This is an unprecedented event both for FELABRATION, an internationally rated festival designed to celebrate the life,times and music of FELA and the age long NOTTING HILL Carnival, which will definitely Not be the same again,

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