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Visitors dwindle, homemade meals disappear for Lekan Shonde as he spends 9th month in prison

Visitors footfalls have petered as Lekan Shonde, accused of killing his wife of eight years (Ronke) on Thursday, May 5, 2016, spends nine months in Ikoyi Prisons (Lagos).

The 52 year old father of two children, remanded in prison custody since Friday, May 20, 2016, is said to be settling well behind the high prison walls as he seems to have accepted his fate. Though he eats only the N200 per day food provided for inmates (as no one brings the dock worker homemade meals), he’s in good spirits.

One of those who know Lekan Shonde well in prison told ENCOMIUM Weekly, “Lekan has fully acclimatised, he has really adjusted well. He participates actively in activities here, regularly exercising, jogging.

“He attends fellowship without fail, goes to the chapel every Sunday. And he shaves often, looking cleaner and well-groomed.

“But visits by family and friends have reduced.  Visitors only come once in a while now.  And he now only eats prison food  (of N200 per inmate per day). He hardly eats homemade food brought by family members or friends.

“He’s in good health, hale and hearty. He has not developed any sickness to worry about.”

In the general cell with about 50 other inmates, Lekan Shonde, an awaiting trial inmate,  wears mufti.



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