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Voters applaud guber polls

The Saturday, April 11, Governorship and state House of Assembly elections has come and gone, but voters have been reliving their experiences at the nation-wide polls.

Here are some of their views…


‘No issue in my ward’ – UGOCHUKWU MOSES
The election was generally peaceful in my state, which is Abia. Accreditation and voting started in good time. There was no violence in Itungwa Ward 4 in Obingwa LGA. But I didn’t wait for the election result.

‘There was a slight delay here’ – KINGSLEY ONWUGBUFOR
In some polling units in Umuahia area of Abia state, there were delays in arrival of INEC ad-hoc staff. There were also some form of indirect intimidation, but the exercise was relatively peaceful.

‘Abia was peaceful’ – OLUCHI ANYA
I monitored the governorship election in some polling units in Aba South after I voted. I think the election was peaceful. I don’t know about other places.

‘There was issue of placement of polling booth’ – KOLAWOLE JOHN
In Ward C, Ogba, (PU 049), there was this issue of the right position of the polling (voting) booth. Though, it was resolved, it delayed voting. But the election was generally peaceful.

‘There was voter apathy here’ – OBUMNEME IKEABUGHICHI
There was a low turn out of voters at Ward C, Ogba (PU 049). I don’t know why many people didn’t come out to vote. It was cool though.

‘It was very peaceful’ – STEVEN NOAH
We all voted for APC in my unit in Ijoko, Ogun State. It was very peaceful. In fact, kudos to Jega and his men. There was no violence at all. Everything went well. It’s like fun in my area. But we were so few unlike the Saturday, March 28, 2015 elections.
I would only advise that anybody that loses should just emulate President Jonathan and congratulate the winner. We don’t have any reason to go backward any more in our democracy. Forward ever Nigeria.

‘Everything went well’ – WOLE ASIFAT
Everything went well. There was no violence. Initially, the card readers disappointed but it was rectified in the morning and voting started around 1.38pm. In my Ward, which is Hon. Jolaoye’s domain in Telemi, Olaoluwa local government area, PDP won. But APC defeated PDP in all other Wards with wide margin, except Ward 3, Ogbagba, where PDP also defeated APC.
The new lawmaker is from Ikire-ile, Ajibola Akinloye who will now be representing our constituency. The election was transparent, free and fair. But there was low turnout.

‘It’s an impressive exercise’ – AJOKE ADEBAYO
It’s an impressive exercise. Accreditation started around 8am and voting proper started at about 2.15pm. Almost everybody that was accredited voted. But there was low turnout this time around compared to what happened during the presidential and National Assembly elections. But in all, we thank God everything was very peaceful in my area, that’s Fagba, under Ifako-Ijaiye.

‘The election was free, fair and credible’ – KAYODE SALAKO
I have passionately been deeply involved in the electioneering process since the outset. And I want to say that it has been about the most keenly contested in the history of the country and particularly Lagos. General Buhari gave President Jonathan a run for his money and Jimi Agbaje gave Akinwunmi Ambode a serious run also for his influence and his money.
I have always known and believed that APC would dislodge PDP at the federal level, all because Nigerians are tired of PDP. They are tired of the style of politics and governance of the ruling party and wanted change desperately. In Lagos, I have always known that it would go in the way of Ambode, though the election would be keenly contested and the results would be close as well.
Ambode has had that advantage over Jimi because he has contested on the platform of a political party that has been on ground for 16 years in Lagos. While Jimi is coming from a party platform that is suffering from serious image problem in Nigeria right now and a defective structure in Lagos. A lot of other factor worked for Ambode and a lot of other factors also worked against Jimi Agbaje, but in all, I have always said it that Ambode would emerge the next governor of Lagos State even if it is with a merging of 10000 votes.
I knew Ambode would win, because the sentiment out there faavoured Ambode more. The election in Lagos was generally peaceful, organised and relatively successful, compared with the situation in other states like Rivers and co., where Wike is known to be very desperate and brutal. I am impressed with INEC.
I am impressed with the election standard. I am impressed with INEC’s insistence on the use of card readers. And I am impressed with the conduct of Lagosians at the polls. The election was free, fair and credible. And I am also happy that I was able to deliver my estate for Ambode.
It is about the best election Nigeria has ever had, and I hope INEC can always improve on this standard for the best of Nigeria. Factors that worked for Ambode include:
1. He contested on a very good party structure. A party with good image that has been on ground for 16 years and that has done well in the governance of Lagos.
2. Ambode’s impressive profile, especially in public service.
3. The fact that APC won the presidential election.
4. The concern that Lagos must now align with Abuja, party wise. So that it is not an opposition state to the FG again.
5. Sentiments against Jimi Agbaje’s politics of ethnicity and the the akward image of his party in recent time.
6. The fact that all the powers that be in Lagos want Ambode.
7. Asiwaju Bola Hammed Tinubu’s political influence and support.
8. And Oba Akinolu’s outburst against the Ndigbos.
These among other factors worked for Ambode, while the opposite worked against Jimi Agbaje. I am happy that PDP did not win Lagos, because I believe Lagos cannot be compensated with a party that has failed at the centre.

‘It is not as interesting as the presidential election’ – TOYE SOLOMON, Lagos state
Accreditation started early at the polling station but people didn’t turn up like the presidential election. The card reader couldn’t identify my card, I had to fill a form for manual accreditation. It is not as interesting as the presidential election. I didn’t meet any queue there. I got there, they answered me and I left the place.

‘People did not turn up as expected’ – BIMPE ADENIRAN, Kwara state
The election was successful. People did not turn up as expected. Someone had to take the position of a town crier, calling people from house to house to come out and vote.
There was no violence in my area as well, everything went on peace fully. The rain didn’t hinder the smooth flow of things.

‘Most people who registered did not vote’ – JOSIAH OPEMIPO, Kaduna state
It was a peaceful election but there was a low turnout of voters. Most people who registered did not vote.

‘Nigeria needs electricity’ – IFY ONABU
Buhari will spend four years fighting corruption and conveniently forget that Nigeria needs electricity. I hope he gets his priorities right.

‘The most pressing mandate is to eradicate Boko Haram’ – NWACHUKWU VICTOR
We will all watch GMB’s magic if the corruption that has eaten deep into the fabric of our nation will come to an end. The most pressing mandate is to eradicate Boko Haram.

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