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War in late billionaire Dehinde Fernandez’s home as wife, daughter fight dirty

The last wife of late Chief Anthonio Dehinde Fernandez, Halima Maude Fernandez and his last daughter, Abimbola Fernandez, are at war. The two have chosen the internet – twitter and instagram to take each other to the cleaners.

ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered that Halima was the first to fire her salvo when she tweeted on her twitter handle on November 1, 2015, these words ‘Still mourning my husband, but seems like I can’t catch a break from descendent of house-niggers fake royaltys”.

With Halima

With Halima

Abimbola Fernandez responded on her twitter handle too…”Nigerians, I present the real Halima-not only is she a trash bag. She also tweeted “go bury that whores ashes”, my dead mother was cremated and not buried. One can only assume she’s referring to dad’s children who were born of African American mothers in the above tweet which includes me.

Go back to Kano and be with your family. You are not part of ours (sic) and aren’t entitled to anything.

#wheres ya papers? #YouHidTheWillinThatSafeRight? Didn’t dad tell you he wanted to be buried back home? Why are you legally battling his heirs? Fuck outta here. @delemomoduovation exposes this disgrace.

Halima responded to Abimbola’s comment with a laughing smiley and these words, ‘Touched a raw nerve did I?”

Since these conversations between the two on the twitter, Abimbola took every opportunity to attack her father’s last wife.

In a response to one @akinsco28 who commiserated with her over the death of her father, this is what she wrote: “@akinsco28 thank you, we will bring him home to rest well as soon as we are permitted”.

“Permission by the Belgian government or who?” asked @akinsco28.

Abimbola replied: “His mistress, Halima who isn’t legally married to him buried him in Belgium without our permission. US (sic) children weren’t even formally invited to the funeral. We heard because people were asking us where it was and said they heard it was Belgium. Now, she’s going around trashing all of his children while fighting us for money she’s not entitled to. It’s disgusting.”

She went on: “He told her and others he wants to be buried back home but a week before his scheduled funeral, we hear through the grapevine she is burying him in Belgium. Can you even imagine?????”

And she added this: “All seven of us are lawyered up and ready to fight for what is correct and what our father wanted. We shall get him home and have a proper burial for him where all people are welcome.”

With Abimbola

With Abimbola

Halima did not directly respond to Abimbola’s tweets but what she tweeted certainly has a lot of meaning. Here she wrote: “Christiana Fernandez, my husband’s true daughter in blood and character. Brussels here come the true princess” (showing the picture of herself  with another lady dressed in black).

In another tweet she wrote thus: “He loved you much you were his Abegbe oni momo and I love as much”.

Abimbola last week responded with a lengthy letter why she is fighting her father’s last wife. Here is what she wrote:

“Upon hearing the news our father had passed to glory, we went straight to Brussels same day. When I arrived, I dropped my bags at the hotel and went directly to see my sister, Antoinette at the hospital to say goodbye to our father one last time. Our visit was brief and entailed no communication from Halima – not even an invite to our late father’s home.

“We were told very little information regarding the existence of a will, who is in charge of dad’s estate, funeral plans and what will be done with sentimental valuables. Despite what many people want to think, us children frequented Belgium to visit our father. After losing my mother, Sandra Price, a.k.a Aduke Fernandez, it really put life into perspective for me and really made me value every second with loved ones.

“The last time I had a friendly conversation with Halima was November 2014. Nothing since then until the call about dad which I wouldn’t even describe as friendly. Once the children returned home, we all kept in touch as to figure out the next steps. Dad’s last wishes were to be buried back home in Lagos. This was made clear to Halima, amongst many others. Our sisters, Teju and Gbemi were planning a fitting burial for a king as per dad’s request. We were all under the impression and getting passports, visas, etc ready to fly to Nigeria to bury our dad. After two weeks, I received a phone call from a close friend of our father who informed me that he received a formal invite by mail and phone to dad’s funeral in Belgium. I immediately called my siblings who were smacked at the plan put in place to bury our father without our participation, permission and most importantly without inviting us. I don’t know how anyone with sound mind can invite all of dad’s friends to his funeral and not his children…

“My siblings tried to reason with Halima to no avail evidently because dad indeed was buried in Brussels against his wish. The day of the funeral Halima had arranged for the children to be picked up in a shuttle bus while she rode in a Phantom Rolls Royce.

“Dad owned many luxury cars such as a Bentley, Rolls and Maybach. He had more than enough cars to fit his children and their friends and family but per Halima’s organization, we followed in the bus. No one had seen the funeral programme until the night before and some of us the day of the service. We scrambled to include reading from us children as many of us were excluded and not even asked to speak at our own father’s funeral.

“The service wasn’t fitting for the king our father is and our opinions read on all of our faces. What struck me as unnecessarily evil was towards the end of Halima’s eulogy, she said something along the lines of “and I know you are up there with the only woman whom you really loved, Barbera Joyce” his late former wife. In poor taste she decides to purposely take a dig at me by excluding my late mother.

“She took another as we stood at the gravesite and she asked all children by name except myself and Antoinette if we had anything to say in memory of our loving father. Chosen siblings went the next day to our father’s home to speak to Halima and try and get a sense of the direction things were going in. She gave them a document and told them not to share it with the rest of the family for 40 days. Of course, we now knew we only had 40 days to submit time sensitive information partaking to our fathers estate. Another trick. No words have been exchanged with her since.

“Currently, Halima is laying claim to parts of dad’s affairs, on what grounds, I have no idea. We have yet to see any proof of a legal marriage. She is legally fighting us children and has only recently moved out of dad’s home after a detailed inventory was taken to prevent theft of his belongings which by Belgian law belong to his children. After said inventory was when she took to twitter to tweet her horrific slander towards us born with American mothers.

“She had also gone as far as to publicly say on twitter that our father only has 1 legitimate daughter (he has six), I do not have the right to use the title HIH which as a child of my father I do, referring to my mother as a whore who’s ashes need to be buried as well as plenty of other filth. I believe in preserving our father’s legacy but this woman has already ruined it. She is slandering his children to anyone and everyone that will listen, publicly and privately. People speak of not retaliating with her but enough is enough. I am an orphan and I am protecting my mother’s honour as any loving child would. My father was the first to say “Do not take nonsense from anyone” and that, I shall not.

“We would like to be left alone to grieve over our father, settle his affairs and take him home to rest. If you love him you would stop playing dirty and leave his children alone.”

Late Anthonio Dehinde Fernandez, a billionaire international businessman, diplomat and bureaucrat, died on Tuesday, September 1, 2015, at a private hospital in Brussels, Belgium. He was 86. He is survived by his last wife, Halima Maude Fernandez and nine children among whom are Chief (Mrs.) Olateju Phillips, Ms Gbemi Fernandez, Anthonio Fernandez, Akin Fernandez, Titi Fernandez, Koye Fernandez, Antoinette Fernandez, Atinuke Fernandez and Abimbola Fernandez.


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