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War of the Akandes! 9ice/Toni Payne trade words on Twitter

HELL indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned!

It was all so sad on Thursday, September 9, 2010 as another celebrity informed me of what was going on Toni Payne’s twitter. That things have fallen apart between this couple is sad enough but that they are now fighting on a public forum is pathetic. Isn’t there someway they can behave like adults for the sake of the child they made together in love.  Their tweets to each other will shock and sadden you as it did me.  Please note that despite 9ice’s press release a while back, he remains married to Toni Payne who tweeted this:

….”Whore! Bitch! Ashewo! Av heard it all and hez seen it all yet integrity wasn’t dashed d day my love was born. Too bad and too sad.”

…”I been thru so much dis year. If not 4 God I would have gone mental, yet dude sat back and watched me get slack for something I didn’t do do? Naa Naa Naa!”.
…”It’s like a bad joke! Yeah silence is Golden but sh!t not when its concerning the mother of your ONLY kid.”
…”All that bloody energy spent on recording a stupid diss track for someone who helped you along the way could have been spent telling the bloody truth!”
…Talk I’m listening! WTF is that? Waaay childish! Yeah dumb move to record your call and make it public but dumber move offending God.”
….Yeah it will sell the album o but consider it blood money for every insult I have gotten, for every tear I’ve shed, 4 every pain I have felt.”
….”My silence has been taken for granted, my love has made me out to be the fool.”
….”I shut my mouth and took it all for the love I had for my son, for the love I had for him. Now it’s being pissed on in the most ridiculous way!”
…”Let this issue die a natural death! Let me have my peace! Money isn’t and can never be worth my peace of mind! Especially if I NEVER offended you.”
…”One more getting back story and I will FLIP! Without an apology as public as that stupid bad idea Press Release! It ain’t gonna happen! Nuff said! ”
…”Release that diss track for Rugged and I will officially know you don’t know or fear God. Let that fake manager of yours push you till you can’t move.”
…”Sept 20! Ki Olorun da emi gbogbo wa si. That day I will fully understand the type of person I said, “I do” to.”
The crooner finally responded to his wifes tweet’s with these words the next day, Friday, September 10, 2010
…”Let No One Send Me Any Private Message Whether you have My number Or Pin. I Just Wanna Listen To Toni Payne While She Talks. Bring It On! ”
…”I would never do dis to twister! But since you Ah decide 2 address me on a public forum. I’ll leave the facts out there.”
…”I’m gona address the things you have said, D fact dat ure my child’s mother is what gave you immunity in the 1st place!”
…”And you have decided to throw that away by coming at me and in public too. So I will respond to you!

Ask how respectable parents behave for you have no idea:
…”I’d like to know the people sending you messages to beg you to get back together, cos definitely
that isn’t me and if you say it is me I dare you to post it in twitter and I will respond to it”

…“I need you to come at me with facts, I will not be drawn into these rants, I have facts to come at you with so come at me with facts and lets see where that goes”
….”This is not in any way a threat! It is an assurance! I’m Abolore Adegbola Alapomeji Akande from  Ogbomosho.  So I will use the medium I have to address any wrong doing to me.  That I will release a song is not even questionable”
Toni Payne replies 9ice again with these words,
…”Bobo bo sa’gbo. Ko ma roll..Loke Loke! Shey emi lon bawi,to ba rimi won beri! Ko ma roll Ko ma roll ”
…”Please direct your frustrations at Ayeni, Deinde & those who advised and helped you in releasing
a PUBLIC statement about your PRIVATE life”
….”I’m done with this, I’ve said my piece.  You deprived me of my privacy with your press statement.
If anyone should be angry it should be me.”
Did I hear you say such drama?…Really!!


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