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Watching TV together make couples happier and closer

Research has shown that couples who watch TV together at night are happier and more committed. According to psychologists at University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, it was revealed that shared viewing seem to be particularly beneficial for those who have few friends in common. It also makes couples adopt on-screen characters to make up for the absence of real life mutual friends.

250 men and women who were in long-term relationships were interviewed in an experiment by researcher, Dr. Sarah Gomillion. The volunteers were asked how close they felt to their other half, how committed they were to them and how important the relationship was to their lives.
They were also asked about how often they watched TV together or read the same books.

The results revealed that times spent watching TV with their partner encouraged closeness, especially when the couples had few friends in common. Dr. Gomillion explained that shared friendships can increase intimacy and sharing media like TV shows, books and movies with their partners compensate for this deficit and restore closeness.

She also noted that, while critics see hours spent in front of TV as wasted time, humans have a fundamental need to share social experiences.
“Human have created shared social experiences through narrative and performance long before the advent of modern media,” she added.

New findings also support growing evidence that, like other forms of narrative, contemporary media benefits people, it provides psychologically meaningful social world. Although a recent Japanese study claims adults who spent at least five hours a day in front of the TV were more likely to die from a blood clot in the lungs.

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