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Ways to guard against having cancer

Research claims that changes in your lifestyle could cut 40 percent of cancers from ever occurring. The research focuses on how our environment and lifestyles influence the genetics we are born with.

Medical journalist, Anna Magee revealed ways to lower the risk having cancer.

Lose some weight. Being fat causes 52,000 cases of cancers each year in the UK, including those of the breast, womb, liver, prostate and pancreas. Obesity is second only to smoking which causes 64,000 cases annually.
According to Professor Linda Bauld at the University of Stirling, “The heavier you are, the greater risk of these particular cancers. Even if you’re more than 20 pounds overweight, any weight loss will lower your risk.”

Take a low-dose of aspirin per day. It helps prevent the risk of heart attack. Research also shows that aspirin helps prevent coloprectal or bowel cancer. Regular aspirin in-take for five years or more reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer.
“Aspirin may work by reprogramming the way the immune system works in particular, affecting the inflammation pathways in the lining of the gut, and thus having some effect on its ability to recognize very early cancers and remove them,” Professor Johnson added.

Preserve your meat. Processed and red meat are associated with higher risk of developing bowel and stomach cancers. In a research, it was revealed that well-done meats may be associated with increased risk because cancer-causing heterocyclic amines (HCAs) is formed when meat is cooked at high temperatures. But marinating meat in spices such as thyme, basil before cooking it could lower the HCA component.

Eat more fibre. increasing your fibre, fruits and vegetable in-take to five portions a day could help prevent 14 different types of cancers. Take more oats, brown rice and wholemeal bread – these lower the risk of bowel cancer.
According to Professor Spector, “People who consistently eat lots of fibre, fruit and vegetables have low levels of cancer. The microbiome in fibre, fruits and vegetable helps the immune system fight off cancers.”

Be active. Being active each day could prevent around 3,400 cases of breast, bowel and womb cancers. It’s revealed that those who did 30 minutes of exercise each day or had an active job had lower chance of having cancer. Professor Johnson said that being active improves hormone levels which can help reduce woman’s risk of developing breast and womb cancer.
“It also helps transit items in the intestine, helping food move through faster so there’s less cancer of anything in the food you’ve eaten setting off an inflammatory reaction in the bowel which is how it lowers bowel cancer risk,” he added.

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