Wazobia FM’s IGOS and wife speak on the joys of marriage

+ where they spent honeymoon

On-Air Personality with Wazobia FM and stand-up comedian, Iledia Grandball Omoro Samson, popularly known as Igos tied the knot with his longtime heartthrob, Lynda Ndukwu, a model and make-up artist in July, 2013. The couple later went to South Africa for their honeymoon, where they spent few weeks. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to the joyous husband and wife about how they have been enjoying marriage life and much more…

1-+89Congrats, how does it feel to be married?

I feel great and complete being married and above all I bless God for His grace.‎ It’s a very good thing for a man to get married.

How are you enjoying married life?

Marriage has been so beautiful. I am very grateful to God for it.

Where did you spend your honeymoon and how was the experience?

We spent our honeymoon in two places, South Africa and Mauritius. It was our first trip after our wedding, so the sweet and irreplaceable feelings and experiences we had will always linger in our memories.

Tell us your love story, how did your path and hers cross?

We met in school (UNIBEN) sometime in 2007, and I was her first friend on her first day in school. And like they say, the rest is history.

What was the attraction?

Nothing really! Just her being friendly and we enjoyed jokes and laugh together. We didn’t even exchange contacts that night.

How long did you date before you eventually got married?

We were very good friends for a long time like my paddy, until we decided to take it to the next level. We started dating since 2007, when we were in school.

How did you propose to her?

It was a bit difficult because I hadn’t done it before, neither do I know how it feels but I did it. However we travelled to South Africa for holiday to watch AFCON 2013. Then one thing led to another, I sneaked out of the room to buy a ring and after we saw the Bafana Bafana match a day before Nigeria played Ivory Coast, I proposed to her at the Nelson Mandela Square and she said yes!

How did it click to you that she was your wife?

God and she is my best friend. There was nothing more I could have asked from God for a life partner other than my wife.

How long did she keep you waiting before she said yes?

Less than a minute.

What do you cherish most about your wife?

Everything. She makes me happy, and once there is joy, peace of mind and happiness, then every other thing is in place.

How many kids would you love to have?

We leave that to God Almighty the giver of all good things. So, keep your eyes and ears open.

How long have you been a radio presenter?

I have been on radio (Wazobia FM, Lagos) for three years plus.

Why presenting?

It’s a passion and besides its part of entertainment and I love it. Though as a stand-up comedian, it’s another platform to express yourself creatively, educating and reminding the public about their civic duties.

How much do you love your job?

Like it pays my bills.

Tell us about yourself?

I am Iledia Grandball Omoro Samson popularly known as Igos, a stand-up comedian, actor, radio broadcaster, son, husband, from Emede Town in Isoko-South local Government Area, Delta state. sixth out of seven children, born in Warri, studied Computer Engineering, MD/CEO Grandball Entertainment and loves God.

…Wife speaks

igos2How does it feel to be married?

I feel very elated, it’s one of the greatest achievements in life. I feel at peace with myself. It’s even beyond words.

How are you enjoying married life?

Very well.

What do you cherish most about your hubby?

His person in totality. I don’t have anything particular. it’s a whole package I cherish.

How did you meet him?

Way back in UNIBEN.

How did you know he was Mr. Right?‎

From seeing him from the inside, I just knew he was the one.

How many kids would you love to have?

That’s personal.

Tell us about your background, schooling and every other thing?‎

I was born in Lagos‎.

What exactly do you do?

I’m a model and a make-up artist.


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