‘We are not bothered being single’ -Celebs ripe for marriage reveal: ‘When you are single, you can direct your energies to a lot of things’-Denrele Edun

It is the dream of every young man to get married and have a beautiful family. It becomes worrisome when eligible and successful bachelors remain single. ENCOMIUM Weekly interviewed some eligible bachelors on marriage, success stories and plans for 2015.

B3YUNyJIQAARj6f.jpg largeHow would you rate your career over the years?

One of my greatest fears was being idle. I hate not finding what to do, so I will say it has been satisfactory. I have been working but I have not gotten there yet.

What is your plan for 2015?

More work, doing the things I love to do, being at peace with myself, helping as many people as I can. Then, getting married.

What does love mean to you?

Love is like war. It is easy to begin but hard to end. There is no greater feeling than loving someone and being loved back.

What age do you think a man should get married?

It depends on the man and the level of achievement. He must build a structure for himself. From Nigerians’ perspective, I will say 28-35 depending on the man.

Does being single bother you?

Not really. When you are single, you can direct your energies to a lot of things. You will appreciate yourself more because of your achievement.

What do you expect from the woman you want to marry?

I have a very high tolerant level but I don’t want someone who will change my perspective of things. Someone who is witty, playful and understanding.



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