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We are not yet feeling the heat of Sallah, Nigerians

Recession is affecting preparations for Sallah as people are not yet feeling the frenzy of the occasion barely two weeks away. 
As usual, this is reflected in the responses when we sampled opinions of Nigerians…
Mrs Alade 
Things are already expensive, I didn’t even remember Sallah is around the corner. Tomatoes, pepper and other condiments are expensive. I am not feeling the heat of Sallah at all. Help us appeal to the government to help us out.
Madam Alice
I have not noticed the difference really, I just pray it won’t get worse when they are ready to celebrate Sallah. We are not finding it funny already because things are so expensive. For example, I felt yam would be less expensive when new yam comes but the difference is not much really, even at Ile Epo, a tuber of yam is still around N500 , N600 depending on the size. So there is no much difference yet.
Mrs Kazeem
I don’t think anything has changed because of Sallah, prices are stable but things are expensive. When I say stable, don’t get me wrong. Life in Nigeria is generally expensive but Sallah has not made it worse. I was in the market yesterday, I was able to purchase few items, I hope they don’t skyrocket before then.
Mrs Oyeniran
Not at all, prices of items are still okay. Even ram is not yet as expensive, things are still fair in the market. The price of tomatoes and pepper went up before Easter and it has not yet come down. I pray it wouldn’t get worse.
Mrs Onah
What other adjective can we use to qualify expensive. The economy has made things worse already, they shouldn’t add to it because of Sallah if they don’t want us to starve to death. We are rejoicing when  a derica of rice became N250 which is still a far cry from being cheap, they shouldn’t add to it.
Stella Brown
We are not yet feeling the heat of Sallah, it is when Sallah is next tomorrow that market women and bus conductors would inflate prices. We are still buying at normal rate now.
Bose Bamgbose
It depends on where you buy your things, some markets are more expensive than others but I think Sallah is still some weeks away. Wewe can still buy time before they start inflating prices.
Mrs Aboh
Things are already expensive before, we just hope it wouldn’t get more expensive. I was in the market on Saturday I didn’t notice any change.
Mrs ifechukwu
That is how Nigeria is, they look for every opportunity to exploit others. I have not noticed any changes really.
Kemi Femi
Prices of items are yet to jump higher but there are speculations that prices of items would be inflated by our self centered callous businessmen and women who wait for seasons like this to make double gain. They believe they should make such gain since it is once a year unlike in Saudi Arabia where prices of items reduce so that every body can afford it.
Olayinka Akins
It has always been like that because during Sallah, government workers earn additional salary, trader are aware of this hence the decision to add their prices as well. Same happens to transporter and craftsmen.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for

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