‘We are reaching the north soon’ -MURSTY ADINOYI

Mursty Adinoyi is the presenter-producer of Hitlist N Cruzin which won the Best Entertainment

Programme on TV at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards held recently in Abuja. He had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly about it and the success story of Hitlists N Cruzin…


How do you feel about winning the NBMA Best Entertainment Programme on TV award?

Sometimes you can’t even express how you really feel when such award comes your way. In the first place, to be nominated in that category alone, is a big one for me. Then, winning it means that Nigerians are watching us, and they love what we are doing, and so, you are appreciated with an award. The joy is much and you have this feeling of satisfaction that the purpose of what you are doing is fulfilled.

Is this Hitlist N Cruzin’s first award?

This is our first major award.

Hitlist N Cruzin has been on air for seven years. What would you say is the reason it took so long to win a  major award?

I won’t say there’s any reason. I just believe that you always have your time in anything you are doing.

May be you are producing Hitlist N Cruzing in a better way than you used to, from your experience over the years, and that’s why the award finally came?

Of course, life is all about moving forward. The way we started is not the way it is right now. Definitely, there is improvement in what we are doing. Apart from that improvement, the concept and content of Hitlist N Cruzin is what is giving us awards.

Do you think this award will open the way for many more?

I believe so. I believe that sometimes you wait for something to happen, and when it happens, the best you can do is to keep praying that your work should not be in vain, others should recognise you as well. And now that NBMA has recognised us, the next thing that will definitely come into any rightful man’s mind is that many people are recognising the good work we are doing.

What are your next plans for Hitlist N Cruzin?

We have a lot of them, so much on our mind. Sometimes, when you have a lot of plans, you just have to take it step by step, one after the other. We are looking at being able to celebrate everybody in Nigeria. Which is a bit tough. We hope that by the time the security in the north improves, we will go to the north. When we have enough security in the south-south, we should be seen in Port Harcourt.

Seven years of Hitlist N Cruzin. What has been your most memorable moment so far?

I will say they keep on coming every day. Sometimes you take someone out on a cruise, and you see the joy on the person’s face, that gives you joy too. It means you are touching someone’s life.  I took this young guy on cruise, and some weeks later, he called me from somewhere in Asia, he told me he was on my show some weeks back. He was on a business trip. He asked me what I wanted him to buy for me and he got it. That made me realise that those who want to be on the show come not because they are in need. It is just that joy of being celebrated on Hitlist N Cruzin. Anyone can afford to buy N30 to 50,000 worth of whatever they need. But the joy of being seen on TV, of being celebrated by someone else, of going on cruise and buying on some one’s bill, I guess that is just what makes Nigerians happy.  You see someone we took out on cruise for just N30,000 to shop and he went to Asia and bought something for me in return. It shows it is not the shopping that gives people joy on Hitlist N Cruzin, but the sharing, the excitement of being on the show, the love of being celebrated that puts a smile on their face and mine as well and makes it always memorable for me.

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