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We bleach so that men will find us more attractive

It is no longer news that most ladies in Nigeria go extra miles to transform their skin colour. One may wonder why ladies still derive pleasure in bleaching despite the horrific result? The truth is that, for most women, they believe men will find them more attractive if they are fairer. The crave to be light-skinned by ladies in Nigeria has reached an alarming rate as the latest trend is the use of dangerous injections like ‘Glutathione’ for express whitening.

This week, sought opinions from ladies on why they enjoy bleaching their skin. 

Here are their views. . . 



I bleach my skin to look more attractive to the opposite sex. When I was in secondary school, I was very dark and as a result I wasn’t getting the needed attention I desired. A friend of mine introduced me to a bleaching cream in a small tube that helped me lighten my complexion. Ever since then, I started getting compliments.



Initially, I had chocolate colour with lots of pimples on my face. I had to bleach to clear the spots from the acne. When I discovered the acne cream was making me fairer, I decided to change my skin colour.



My boyfriend pushed me to go extra miles to change my former colour. Now he is loving me the way I look.



When I got married, I was chocolate in complexion but after having two children, I noticed my skin got darker and this made my husband to start cheating on me with fairer ladies. So to join the competition, I had no choice than to bleach my skin.


Mrs. Grace

Men are the real reason we bleach. I bleach my naturally dark skin to impress my hubby. I am not regretting it because I am much prettier and younger as compared to my old self.



I use skin lighteners because I envy those with a fairer complexion. I just want to look good and more attractive, that’s all.



I had to bleach because I was battling with pimples and eczema on my face at the same time before my friend introduced a tube to me and ever since my skin has been glowing and I am enjoying my look.



I lightened my skin because I love the complexion of the whites. I wasn’t forced into it, I changed my skin on my own and I am not regretting it at all. I enjoy my look because I look almost like a white lady now.



The only reason I bleach my skin is to sell my products to my customers. If they don’t see evidence, they won’t buy. So I have to prove to them that it works and in turn they like what they see.



I was a bit fair before I took to toning my skin. I don’t believe its bleaching though but I love my new self so much.


– Chika Okorie for


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