‘We don’t have any driver by name Samuel’- Alhaja Fausat Abiola Obasa

For how long have you been married to Hon. Mudashiru Obasa?

It’s been long.  About 20 to 21 years now.

How many children has the marriage produced?


How many boys and girls?

Three boys and a girl.

How old are they?

They first child is 20 now.  The second is 14, third one is 12 and the fourth is six.

Certainly, for people who have been married for 20 years it is not impossible for them to have one disagreement or the other.  Has there been such disagreement between you and your husband?

Of course.

Has such disagreement led to a situation you had to leave your matrimonial home to live somewhere else?


For how many days, weeks, months or years did you leave your matrimonial home?

Just for sometime.

What was the cause of this disagreement?

That is private and confidential.  I can’t discuss that openly.

Is it true that your husband sent you packing from the house because he alleged you were sleeping with the driver?

No, there was nothing like that.  We don’t have any driver by the name Samuel.  But we had a boy called Samuel living with us then that used to assist us at home.  But he has left us for more than two years now.

What was the reason he left you?

I don’t really know.  It was something between him and his boss (her husband).  I don’t know much about what happened between them.

But didn’t you relate with him then?

With who?


I used to send him on errands and he was very respectful and was very obedient.

He did not tell you why his boss sent him packing?

No, he didn’t.

Is it also true that your husband married another wife?

Yes, that is true.  He married another wife.

Did it lead to disagreement between you and him?

That is confidential.  There is nothing I want to say about that.

Did it lead to your leaving your matrimonial home?

It is a long story, I don’t want to discuss it.

Presently, where are you?

I am here (matrimonial home).

For how long have you been living here?

I have been here for so long.

What about your children, we can’t find anyone of them around?

They are in school.

    Interviews by TOLANI ABATTI

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