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‘We have lost confidence in  Buhari’s change agenda’ -Nigerians cry

As the economy keeps biting harder and harder, many Nigerians, especially the poor who are worse hit, have given up on President Muhammadu Buhari’s change agenda as they now find if extremely difficult to cope with the harsh situation. A cross section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with on this also confirmed the worsening state of Nigeria’s economy at the moment. They, however, called on Buhari to do something urgent to save the state fom total collapse


LOWO ADEGBENRO – I don’t believe in Buhari’s change agenda. To even say the fact, I didn’t vote for him because I knew quite alright that he wouldn’t perform because of his age. Although, he’s a man of integrity, but Nigerians don’t want you to have integrity alone but ability to rule and revamp the economy so that the masses can benefit. Now, the task of catering for my family is increasingly becoming very difficult. We don’t enjoy stable supply of power, fuel price is on the high side. Many Nigerians have been forced to ration the number of times they put their cars on the road. I read of recent that fuel consumption has dropped by 30 percent. Left to me, I even believe it should be more than that. The nation producing oil can’t enjoy it, what’s the benefit of being  an oil producing country? I learnt in 100 years, Saudi Arabia has just increased it’s fuel price by 20 percent because of the global fall in the price of crude oil, which is understandable. Here in Nigeria, I can’t count the number of times we have increased our fuel price since I was born. It’s a shame.


MERCY NDIANYE – I don’t believe in Buhari’s change agenda any more. It’s getting to one and half years he has been ruling us. Nothing good has come out of his administration. Instead, prices of almost all essential and non-essential commodities have gone higher than what ordinary Nigerians can afford. Even, the rich are also crying. So, what are we saying? Where is the change? We’re tired of everyday story. Those we also hoped are representing us at the National Assembly are only there for themselves and their families. Today, one story of budget padding, then tomorrow, we will hear another version of budget padding. Who are we going to believe? I never heard of all these things in my life. It’s during this wasteful administration I heard stuffs like that. Now, I am afraid of how my husband and I will pay our house rent because it’s going to be due in October this year. We’re also going to pay children’s school fees and there’s no increase in our sources of income. So, nothing is changing except for the worse.


RASAQ ADEOLA – I am not sure if anything is changing in the direction of the poor masses of Nigeria as far as this administration is concerned. Lai Mohammed and President Muhammadu Buhari are just lying up and down, contradicting each other. The government of APC has not been fair to us as a nation. Nothing has taken shape as promised by the party. It’s one excuse or the other every time. So, when are we enjoying the change promised us? Now, the economy keeps biting harder everyday. I personally have lost hope in the change mantra of the administration.


OBI UZOR – Buhari’s administration is a fraud. I don’t think he has the capacity to change anything. I don’t have any hope in his change agenda. Neither the National Assembly can guarantee us any hope because they’re all rogues. If by now, we have not experienced any change in any sector, when then are we expecting to have that change? What we’re experiencing now was not the change Nigerians voted for. Something drastic has to be done by Buhari to keep our confidence in his administration. President Buhari has no clear economic policy that can drive this nation. He has been on the seat for about 14 months, nothing has changed. Instead, things are getting worse each day. Nothing has been fixed under Buhari’s administration. Economy keeps biting harder. If by now, the man is still complaining about Jonathan’s loot as excuse for his non-performance, that means he won’t perform throughout his tenure. Nigerians should just forget about Buhari. We should all be working towards finding a better replacement in 2019.


NNANA EMMANUEL – To me, all hope is not lost about his administration. Buhari’s change agenda can still work if he can constitute a very vibrant economic team. Most of his economic policies are not totally bad but he lacks good and committed economic team in the polity. We can all see what’s happening in agriculture sector, things are gradually picking up. Although, the transformation started from Obasanjo’s administration to late Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan. Now, the emphasis is on agriculture and it’s working. Buhari just has to put in place a strong economic team that will make all his economic policies work, and in the interest of the overwhelming masses of the country, without which nothing can change. But like I said, I still have hope in his government.


NWOKOYE JULIUS – I have lost confidence in Buhari’s change agenda. Also, the All Progressives Congress, (APC) has failed as a party. It’s only a man without reason that will vote for the party in 2019. But one thing is still clear. People’s Democratic Party (PDP) can’t be taken as a better alternative. The way things are going now, before 2019, there will be emergence of another party that will be found from the remnants of APC and PDP because the two parties have collapsed already and they can’t get their pieces together before the next general elections.


SEGUN LAWRENCE – I still have hope in Buhari’s change agenda, because nothing good comes easily. I am of a positive mindset that things will get better. Nigerians should give Buhari enough time because by the time he is through with fighting corruption, Nigricans will still be the ones to benefit from it.


BUSAYO OJO – I don’t have hope in President Buhari as all, because since he came into power, Nigeria has never gotten any better rather it became worse. Thing in the market have doubled in price even diesel is N214 per litre. So, I have really lost hope in Buhari. I can’t wait for him to leave that post as the president of Nigeria.


BABALOLA JOHN – I don’t have hope in President Buhari anymore, because I have never had it this tough in the history of Nigeria, even to feed two times a day is a very big challenge right now.


TAYO IBIKUNLE – I don’t have hope in Buhari anymore. The man has scattered Nigeria that even though you mention Sai Baba to his Hausa brothers, they will almost eat you up. See what our economy is turning into. Naira is crashing everyday and before you know it naira will be N400 to a dollar. See our electricity very poor, kerosene, fuel and diesel is so expensive. So, I have completely lost hope in Buhari.


WALE ESAN – Yes, I have hope in Buhari’s change agenda, because I believe that fighting corruption is not easy at all, and he has really done well in the area of security, and since patience is a virtue, Nigerians should wait and see that the outcome of this suffering we are going through right now will be a better one.


SAMUEL OLAYIWOLA – No, I don’t have hope at all, in short, I am praying the man should leave soon so that a capable hand will take over. Look at the state of Nigeria presently, we have more armed robbers, scammers, rapists, suicide bombers than ever. Our economy has gone down, people are dying every day out of frustration. So, why should I keep hoping on change? Please, Buhari should stop deceiving Nigerians.

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