‘We spend more on fuel than food’ (2) – Nigerians moan


The incessant fuel scarcity and the attendant hike in pump price has brought untold hardship to Nigerian homes. Now, the average household spends more on fueling their generators, cars than on food. This much they revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly when our reporters engaged them on this question, ‘Do you spend more money on fuel than food?’

They bared their hearts as they recapped their ordeal in fueling their generators, cars as the power companies fail in their duty.



When I have not even seen money to eat, is that when I’ll buy fuel? The economy is really bad now, no doubt. We just have to adjust to the system and pray for better days. I’ve stopped using the generator, when the price of fuel drops to normal price and the economy is okay, I’ll buy fuel.



I don’t buy more fuel than food. I have a lot of bills to take care of. I’m married with kids and I have to feed them. I don’t use my generator for now. I spend more on food nowadays since the prices too have risen.



When there is life, there is hope. If we survive this situation, definitely, we will have more money to spend on both fuel and food. But for now, I spend more on food.



I spend more on fuel than food. Ever since the fuel scarcity started, though there is hike in prices of food stuff too, I still spend more on fuel then food. I sell baby things and I use fuel to power my generator some times and I also fuel my car. Sometimes, I have to use my generator in the house too, so I spend more on fuel than food.



Of course, I spend more on fuel than food these days. I am a businessman and I own a truck to convey goods to my customers. I buy N7,000 fuel even when I’ve not eaten N500 food. I spend more on fuel than food.



Obviously, I spend more on fuel. I have a car and a generator. I have to fuel both which costs me more compared to the amount I spend on food.



I spend more on fuel than food. A litre of fuel is sold at N150 in my area, I spend more than N5,000 every week, that’s much. The current fuel scarcity has really added more to my spending.



I will say I used to spend more on fuel compared to food, but I have stopped buying fuel just to reduce my spending. Buying fuel for N150 is absurd. So, I don’t go to filling stations to buy fuel anymore, instead I board commercial buses to wherever I’m going.



I spend more on fuel. I use fuel for my everyday activity. I run two generators, so, I have to get enough fuel every day. So, I spend really much on fuel compared to food.



I spend really much on fuel nowadays. And I don’t think this will stop until the price of fuel comes back to normal. I have spent N3,000 buying fuel today and what I have eaten is just N400. It’s really frustrating.



I spend more on fuel these days. I have spent more than N4,000 on fuel in two days, and I didn’t consume N1,000 food. I’m upset.



I spend more on fuel than food. For instance, I buy N4,500 fuel per week and I have never eaten N5,000 food. Imagine, it is somehow upsetting for me.



I spend more on fuel than food, I buy fuel for my car, buy fuel for my generator, if I do the estimate, it’s up to N7,000 per week and I never spent N2,000 per week on food all because I eat at home.



I don’t spend more on fuel than food because I don’t have a car and I don’t use my generator every day.



That question makes me think every day. I have been spending more on fuel than food and I don’t have a choice. That is all I can do.



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