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‘We use bitters for better sex’ –Men confess, reveal most popular aphrodisiacs

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Rape, particularly of underage girls has been on the increase in recent times. Just last week, the Lagos State Domestic Violence and Sexual Response Team (DVSRT) arrested one Femi Kolajolu, a businessman for raping his 15 year old niece since 2013.

To compound Kolajolu’s woes, his wife, Ndidi Kolajolu, told DVSRT, how her husband attempted to rape his own 14 year old daughter last November. There have been many instances of rape.

Many are of the opinion that substances, particularly the bitters beverages taken by most men are responsible for this criminal act.

Today, most beer parlours, lounges and road side liquor spots are filled with all sorts of alcoholic bitters and beverages, that are nothing but aphrodisiacs. They include Alomo Bitters, Orijin Bitters, Opa Eyin, Ogidiga, Action Bitters, Wiper Bitters, Edges Bitters, Agbara Bitters, Osomo Bitters, Scoogies, Ibile Bitters and now a new one, Agra Appiah Bitters.

In highbrow restaurants and lounges like AY Lounge and Lascofis in Ogba, you can only get Orijin and Alomo. But in places like Afrika Shrine, Agidingbi, Ikeja and most motor garages Baby Oku, Scoogies and Opa Eyin reign.

ENCOMIUM Weekly went to town to ask the sellers and users of these drinks…


MRS. BALOGUN, Ogba Bus stop

Among all these your bitters which one sells most?

Baby Oku.

How many bottles do you sell in a day?

At least 10 bottles.

Just 10?

I sell in the garage and we are not supposed to operate until 6pm. If we are allowed to operate from morning, I am sure I will sell more than 10 bottles.

Aside Baby Oku, which other bitter sells?

Orijin, Alomo and the satchet ones (brought out sachet Chelsea and Aromatics schnapps).

Why do you think men take these bitters?

For general cleansing of the body.

But many say it enhances their sexual performance?

When your body is clean of all toxin, your body will perform well. There are other bitters like Edges and Agbara Bitters. Edges was selling very well when it came but not anymore. Agbara just came out.



Madam, of all these bitters you have here, which one is selling most?

Baby Oku, Alomo, Orijin, Opa Eyin, all of them sell well.

But which of them sells most?

Baby Oku and Scoogies.

Which one is Scoogies?

That one is prepared by us (the sellers). It is more popular than any other bitters. It is the king of all bitters.

How do you prepare it or with what do you prepare this?

We prepare it as agbo jedi (herbs for pile), ogun iba (malaria herbs), ale (aphrodisiac), ogun eje (herbs for blood), lime, ginger and some other ingredients like tasting, tyme and black current.

We put everything inside a keg and soak it with ogogoro (local gin). Some mix Indian hemp with their own but I don’t mix Indian hemp with mine.

How much do you sell it?

We sell a cup (disposable plastic cup) for N100 and a bottle (Eva water bottle for N1,500).

What does it do for the body?

It cures pile, cures waist pain, enriches the blood. It also cleans the system.

Who are the people that take this Scoogies?

Everybody, young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated. People who even live abroad buy Scoogies in kegs and bottles and take abroad. Even in some big clubs here in Nigeria, they serve Scoogies. People take Scoogies more than these bottled bitters.

Here in Shrine before you see one bottle of Baby Oku on the table, you would see 20 cups of Scoogies, that have been taken. People come from far and wide to Shrine to drink Scoogies.


EDNA, Bar attendant

Why do you think people prefer one drink to the other?

People drink Alomo, Orijin and other bitters till this Agya Appiah bitters came out, and it sells more than every product that comes into this place. Not that others don’t sell but Appiah sells faster.


SIMEON, Bar Manager

Why do you think people prefer one drink to the other?

It is their choice. These drinks do a lot to people’s body, so it is the one their body can take they will buy. But some people like to flirt and some say it cures waist pain and it is for cleansing the system.

Which of the drinks is selling more?

Alomo, small Whiskey, Agya Appiah Bitters, but whiskey sells faster on Fridays than other days. People do not really patronize Alomo much and Osomo because of too much fake. We don’t sell Baby Oku here but Agya Appiah Bitters moves more.

Last week Tuesday, I collected 24 pieces and now everything has finished but the Alomo I brought here since Monday only seven pieces are in the fridge.

How many do you sell in a day or per week?

For Appiah, I sell all the drinks I bought. On Wednesday night, I carried 27 pieces and everything finished. From Tuesday till today, Saturday I have sold 72 pieces of Appiah.



JAMES, Driver

What do you do?

I am a driver.

Which of these bitters do you take?

I like Baby Oku and sometimes Orijin.

Why do you like taking them?

They help in cleansing my body. Anytime I take them, I go to toilet easily the next morning and I feel strong.

But people say it enhances one’s sexual performance?

It is true. You will never disappoint your woman if you drink them.



What do you do?

I am a driver.

Do you take any of these bitter drinks?


Which one?

Anyone. But I like Baby Oku. Orijin and Alomo.

Why do you like them?

They help in cleansing my system.

What do you mean by that?

They help in washing away all the dirt in my body.

What about the impression that it improves the sexual performance of men?

I think so too because anytime I drink it, I have erection in the night and if there is a woman beside me, action will commence.

But do these drinks have side effect on your body?

I don’t think so. They are natural herbs and better than all these beer that have been mixed with chemicals. Those are the ones that usually have side effect on the body.



Why do you drink this?

I no fit drink any other drink only Appiah, if I drink Alomo or Orijin bitters, I go dey vex but Appiah Bitters dey give me joy.

Does drinking it have to do with sexual performance?

No, but that one sef dey. Appiah Bitters be like jedi, e dey clean sugar for my body and e no contain plenty alcohol, e dey make my body set well.

What is the effect of the drink on your sexual performance?

If I mix Appiah Bitters with anything, I dey always dey alright but if I mix am with milk, omo, my woman go dey beg me to stop o because I go dey fire dey go. One hour sef my thing never come down.



Why do you drink this?

I drink Orijin beer, but Appiah Bitters is for free style level. My best drink is Guinness but at the club, it is champagne.

Does drinking it have to do with sexual performance?

No, I drink because of the joy I get. It is for free style, no sex involved.



Why do you drink this?

I drink because I like it. Appiah Bitters is medicinal. I feel good when I drink it so it is my best and I can drink it all day without getting high.

Does drinking it have to do with sexual performance?

Yes, I have to show my woman that I am a man. With Appiah I will do all the styles and my organ will still be erect.

What is the effect of the drink on your sexual performance?

I can spend all day with a woman in bed and the woman will be begging me because of how active I will be.



Why do you drink this?

I drink it so it can cleanse my system, but I do not drink Alomo again because it is too hot for my system. I only drink Appiah Bitters and if I take it, my waist will be free. I can even finish three bottles in a day.

Does drinking it have to do with sexual performance?

Yes, it does.

What is the effect of the drink on your sexual performance?

Aaarh! Oh boy, babe wey I hold that moment go hear am o. Especially when I dey vex na so the babe go dey beg me to commot o.



Why do you drink this?

I take it because of my performance, when I am on stage I take two bottles of Appiah and when I come down from the stage, I take one more bottle. In this Shrine, it’s only Appiah we sell here. The others like Osomo, Kerewa and the rest we don’t sell them and it is only in Shrine you can see Appiah Bitters, no other bar sells Appiah.

Does drinking it have to do with sexual performance?

Yes, but Appiah cures waist pain and cleans the body of sugar. The alcohol content is not much only 33 percent alcohol and it is an imported drink from Accra, Ghana.

What is the effect of the drink on your sexual performance?

If I take Appiah and I am with my babe, for the next one hour I will not release. With Appiah, my babe is always begging me.



Why do you drink this?

First, I no fit take any other drink except Appiah, na him make dem they call me Jagaban. Number 1, I dey sleep and wake with Appiah. Na my best drink, I dey always dey alright.

Does drinking it have to do with sexual performance?

Yes, and highness sef.

What is the effect of the drink on your sexual performance?

When I finish one carton in a day, na so my babe go dey cry because I must complete all the styles before I leave her. So, she sef go don ready for me.



Why do you drink this?

Appiah Bitters na carry go for me. I can finish 10 bottles in a day and I will not feel like I have taken anything but once I take it early in the morning, I will go to toilet.

Does drinking it have to do with sexual performance?

No, I just take it naturally because it has natural ingredients.


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