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‘We will miss Frank Edoho on new WWTBAM’

Fans would sure miss the calm and handsome host of the most popular family reality TV show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Though Ultima Studios has assured them of a much younger and capable replacement, here are what people would miss about Frank Edoho’s exit…


Opeyemi Aminu

Frank handled the job well, he was good at it. I will miss his composure, how he relates with the audience and makes them feel at ease.


Oyindamola Ayeni

I would miss the way he makes his audience comfortable. I would miss the way he puts participants in suspense, most especially people on the hot seat.


Temi Kazeem

I would miss his creativity and his funny approach. He was good at what he does.


Esther Olabisi

I would miss his level of suspense. I love the way he acts, it is obvious that Nigerians love him with the excitement they show whenever he calls a friend for someone on the hot seat. He was good at it really.


Taiye Taiwo

The image he gave the show. I watch the show because of him, very matured and well composed. Always in his best elements.


Kemi Ojelade

I will miss Frank, we got so used to seeing him that his face became synonymous with WWTBAM. I will also miss his dress sense and handsome face.


Chinazo Okafor

I hope they get a good replacement because he was good at it. His level of suspense was great, his level of humour also fantastic. He also had that unique voice to match what he does


Mrs. Ojo

One is already used to him, we would miss him. It would be strange at first seeing a new face but with time, we would get used to the new face. Frank already knows all the antics of the game.


Abigael Abah

Having anchored the show for a couple of years, we are already used to seeing and hearing him on the show so accepting a new face may be quite difficult. I would miss him generally.


Afizi Alex

I will miss his level of suspense, his appearance and the fact that we are used to seeing him for the past couple of years.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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