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Wearable arts at its finest, here are all the expressions we uncaged at Tiger’s Maker Lab Exhibition

The weekend could not have gotten any better as guests and art lovers gathered in their numbers to attend the much anticipated Maker Lab exhibition powered by Tiger Beer in Lagos.

The event which held yesterday, Saturday 16th of March at the African Artists’ Foundation, Victoria Island, Lagos witnessed amazing teams of art exhibitors from music to photography showcase the very best of arts.

In true Tiger nature, the brand was on ground to help us uncage all our hidden art and music expressions.

Here are all the expressions we uncaged at the exhibition:


They say music is a form of expression that brings the inner side of an artist to the surface and gives the world an insight of his vision. We saw all of these and more through the sound installation exhibited by emerging singer Yinka Bernie. No wonder music is generally perceived to be the most universal form of arts as we resonated with it on a whole different level


The photographers definitely lived up to the theme of the show “Yanga” as they exhibited every bit of it through their unique pieces. From fashion to abstract photography they helped us uncage our inner love for photography and we absolutely loved it.

Hyperrealism Installation.

The hyperrealistic form of art is very unique and we were excited to have been able to witness this awesomeness. It gave us the key to unlocking some hidden meaning in the world that surrounds us.  The Hyperreal paintings exhibited expanded upon the images and created a new sense of reality that left us feeling pumped.

Wearable Arts

This has got to be highlight of our time at the Maker Lab Exhibition. We got a chance to physically uncage our artsy side, by applying vinyl prints on T-shirts and getting the glow in the dark face painting. We pretty much looked like art ourselves and also got to keep the printed T-shirts, cool right?

Tiger Beer

We’re quickly running out of superlatives for Tiger Beer. The brand has been very impressive, engaging with audience across various interests. From arts to music, to fashion Tiger remains one of the most endearing brands anywhere in the world.

However, while this is all very exciting, the biggest and most exciting part of the event was the “Tiger” effect. The brand is revered for always providing premium experiences and this was definitely not an exception.

All Round Entertainment

While art is the centrepiece of this show, it wouldn’t be a complete show if we didn’t have the very best of music. On the wheels of steel was DJ XXX. We bumped our heads to non-stop music as we got treated to the best of art.

So there you have it, if you are yet to uncage any of these expressions, be sure to be a part of Tiger Beer’s next event.



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