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Weird MC, My Lagos, ‘Even as crazy as it is, the traffic jam and all that, this is where everything happens’

The Weird one gets us dancing away. But she can’t stand the hectic traffic of Lagos.


Where do you live in Lagos and why?

I live in Ikeja, in Agidingbi. And it’s because I love Ikeja.

What’s your earliest Lagos experience?

Palm Groove, Onipanu, Mushin.

When did you start living permanently in Lagos?

It’s been a while now. A long, long time.

What do you like most about Lagos?

This is where everything happens. Moreso, this is a show business capital. Even as crazy as it is, the traffic jam and all that, this is where it happens.

What do you hate most about Lagos?

The traffic. It’s crazy.

What do you miss most when you’re outside Lagos?

I miss the hustle and bustle. I miss the drama.

Where do you shop in Lagos?

I go everywhere. I go right into the market, I go to the Island, I go to the Silverbird Galleria. It depends on what I’m looking for.

How do you move around Lagos?

I drive around and sometimes I get chauffeured around.

What’s your favourite Lagos hangout or pub?

Right now, I’m really feeling the Galleria. Everything is in there.

Apart from Lagos, what other city are you attached to?


Who’s your favourite Lagos celebrity?


What are your hobbies?

I love hanging out and just chilling in my own space. Sometimes I drive to an empty place just to be on my own.

What new projects are you working on?

We’re dropping an album. There’s a compilation coming out in Germany on Out There Records. Ijo ya has been licensed internationally. We’re going to be doing like three more videos for the album. So we’re going to drop the album plus six videos.

(First published in 2005)



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