‘We’re ready to assist Buhari tackle security problem’ – General Manager, Kengrace Guards Nigeria, Eniafe Iyamu

Eniafe Iyamu is the General Manager of the popular security outfit, Kengrace Guards Nigeria. In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, June 19, 2015, he spoke on how the company is ready to assist President Muhammadu Buhari and more…

What is Kengrace Guards into?

The name Kengrace Guards has given a clear explanation that we are a security outfit. We render services to private organizations, residential apartments, estates and also in some aqua terrestrial environments. What do I mean by aqua terrestrial environment? Houses that are very close to riverine areas both water and land. Some people keep valuable equipment that need to be secured.

How old is Kengrace Guards?

We have been in existence since 2007, so we are eight.

How did you assist the past government in tackling insecurity in the country?

Government cannot do everything. We Nigerians are good at blaming the government for everything. The constitution says that government must provide a security apparatus that will secure the entire citizenry. It’s a stipulated policy under Nigerian constitution. Regardless of that, individuals, private organizations, security outfits will have to provide their own security.

Since 2007 that we’ve been in existence, we render our services to private companies, etc. The existence of security outfits in Nigeria has really helped to prevent criminal activities.

We assist the force to protect lives and property most especially the Police. We will also be accountable for any eventuality during the period of our contract.

How does Kengrace plan to assist this present government to fight insecurity, since you claim to assist the Police Force?

The Buhari led dispensation just came on board few months ago, and he came out with a strategy that the Defence Headquarters be moved to Maiduguri, Borno state. That’s a clear indication that he’s ready to tackle insecurity and terrorism in the country. Since we don’t carry arms, we can assist by giving clue and information if we suspect anything or anyone, and we urge other security outfits to emulate us.

Is Kengrace in the northern part of the country?

We are not in Maiduguri, there’s another outfit there, but we are in Kaduna.


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