‘We’ve always dreamt of building an empire’ – BANKY W

Undisputedly, Banky W (Olubankole Wallington real name) couldn’t hide his feelings on that night and this was all over him as he spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly about the label and how he discovered Shaydee and Niyola, EME first lady…


This must be one of your dreams come true…


How does it feel?

It feels fantastic and I believe in the adage that says. So, if you think like you want to be the king of the world, you have to start with what God gives you. That is really what we do in EME. We’ve always dreamt of building an empire with fantastic artistes and that is coming to reality. I am grateful to God for the success we have made of Wizkid and now, we have Skales, Shaydee, Niyola and DJ Exclusive. We are working assiduously to make sure that we achieve our aims on them. To do that, there are many things going on now and we believe by the grace of God and love of our fans, we will grow from strength to strength.

Apart from Wizkid and Skales, tell us how you discovered the other artistes?

Let me start with Skales. We discovered him through his demo. We heard some of his songs while performing at shows and we felt the passion and emotion in his voice. We discovered that he’s a very special creature and we accepted and started nursing him to grow. Shaydee and I met at a show in 2010 where he performed. Although, I didn’t see much of his performances but when I heard his voice, I was moved. We learnt that he was signed to another label when we started chatting and as God would have it, that label decided to venture into another business, which is fashion. So, we got him, got talking until we felt it is the right time to bring him in. As for Niyola, I met her when I moved back to Nigeria. She has a fantastic voice and more so, she’s a very pretty person. So, we maintained contact over the years and early last year, we hooked up again, got talking and even recorded some songs together. I said to myself it’s high time we bring her in because we’ve been thinking of having a female artiste for so long. She has the voice, energy, spirit and everything to carry on her audience.

What do you think is so special about EME that others don’t have?

I think the special thing about EME is that everybody is superbly talented and we are going to give something different to the people. We are not competing with each other. Everybody is bringing different pictures, stories to the people and that is the fantastic things about us in EME. As time goes on, we’ll move to higher level

In one word, how would you describe EME?

I don’t know if I can say it in one word but this is what I always say. I believe EME is a combination of talents in terms of music and our executives are the best you can think of in the continent right now. I am very excited and this time, our fans should expect everything from us. We need their prayers and continuous support as we promise to deliver by the grace of God.

*This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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