WFM 97.1 unveils facility

MFM 97.1, Nigeria’s first radio station for women and their families with the passion to protect Nigerian women and to let Nigeria know their importance, held a programme with the theme The voice and faces of MFM 97.1 with Mrs. Toun Okewale-Sonaiya as the anchor.

ENCOMIUM Weekly visited WFM 97.1, on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 and were conducted round their studio and media facility.

In one of the studio called The talk studio, was a system named Clyde System. According to Mrs. Okewale-Sonaiya, most of the best stations use the Clyde system. She also talked about how they interact with people who call in and they use Comrex for receiving phone calls.

“It does not require mobile phone, it was introduced to us by Clyde himself, who invented the system. It makes communication easier and more convenient.”

The station has two studios where they can conduct two programmes simultaneously. She went on to tell us more about their colour which is red and why they chose it. They have red as their corporate colour because red is vibrant and cannot be ignored anywhere.

She further told us why the station is strictly for women: “Once we have the women, we have men and children and they all become interrelated.”

As no station in Nigeria has done this before, they want to protect and defend women against immorality and for the women to know that they are still remembered and their voices cannot be suppressed. She said now that they have started, they cannot derail, “We cannot derail and nothing is going to make us derail.

“We are not just a radio station, programmes are not politically supported. So, I do not see anything that will make us derail. It is a movement and will keep moving.”

Speaking further about the mission of the station, the MD, Mrs. Okewale-Sonaiya stated, “We won’t be a reliable source represent women, to-be-the voice of women and make sure women’s plight is looked into and to break the silence culture, child abuse, relationships, politics, marriage, etc.”

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