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What ails Sadiq Daba? Leukaemia and prostate cancer

The 67-year-old veteran of television and movies, Abubakar Sadiq Daba is down with leukaemia and prostate cancer!

So, what’s leukaemia?
Leukaemia is simply cancer of the blood or bone marrow where blood cells are produced.
An abnormal production of white blood cells results in leukaemia.
Leukaemia is from the Greek words leukos (white) and aima (blood).

Who gets leukaemia?
Anyone! It’s caused by rising white cells which crowd out normal blood cells.

What are the symptoms?
Fatigue, fever, frequent infections, nosebleeds, weight loss, excessive sweating, enlarged liver…

Is it curable?

What’s prostate cancer?
It’s the development of cancer in the prostate which is a gland in male reproductive system.

What are the symptoms?
Weak urine stream, difficulty in initiating, stopping and starting urination, burning sensation while urinating, pain in the hips, pelvis and spine, blood in urine and semen and pain during ejaculation…

Who’s at risk?
Those over 65, Africans and Asians, those with a family history of cancer…

Can it be cured?
Yes, if detected early!



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