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What attendees said at the Glo Evergreen Series

Anchoring the concert is a dream come true’ –   GBENGA ADEYINKA



THE rare opportunity to anchor again, the Glo Evergreen Series gives Comedian of the Federal Republic, Gbenga Adeyinka 1st great joy.  He told us this much in an exclusive interview at the show even as he hailed music legends, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade (KSA) who featured in the first and second series as special gifts to the nation.

How does it feel to anchor the Glo Evergreen Series?

Fantastic.  It is a dream come true. I grew up loving music greats like King Sunny Ade.  I anchored series one, featuring Evangelist Ebenezer Obey.  So, coming back is fulfilling.  Obey and Sunny Ade are two music icons.

So, who is the greatest?

If I’m going to pick the greatest it would be like asking, which is best?  Rain or dew?  I can’t pick, they are legends our generation is lucky to have.  It doesn’t happen to every nation, but God blessed Nigeria with them.

If you were to advise Globacom on the next legend to feature in the Evergreen Series, who would be your choice?

Unfortunately, some of our music greats have gone.  Chief Osita Osadebe has passed on, Oliver de Coque is gone too.  The legends are going but we have to pick the next available one to celebrate.  There are quite a few of them left. I think Dan Maraya Jos is still there.  There is also Chief Victor Uwaifo, the Guitar Boy.

KING Sunny Ade, the juju maestro and master guitarist was the special artiste at the second Glo Evergreen Series which held on Friday, February 28, 2015, at Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was there live and spoke with some of the guests.  Here are what they said about King Sunny Ade’s performance that night.

Sonny Kuku

Sonny Kuku


How do you feel watching King Sunny Ade playing tonight?

The man is evergreen.  I have been following him since 1960 something.

What memory did it bring to you tonight?

All the good things. It’s like time is being turned backward. The man is just a genius.  Looking at the way he played the guitar tonight, the man is a master.  We are so proud of him.  We thank Glo for bringing him to the show.


Muyiwa Ige

Muyiwa Ige


What do you feel about King Sunny Ade’s tonight?

Nice one.  Honestly, KSA is a legend.  The performance was absolutely wonderful.  I have had a glorious time.  This has been a wonderful evening leading to a glorious morning.  Glo has done exceptionally well.  Today will remain evergreen in my memory.

What memory did it bring to you tonight?

He played songs that he used to play in the 70s, 80s.  The best part of it was remembering he is a master guitarist and the manner in which he is holding the guitar and performing is just exceptional.  The man must never die.

Olori Tokunbo Eko

Olori Tokunbo Eko


How do you feel about Sunny Ade’s show tonight?

Ah!  I feel good. I enjoyed myself.  It was an evening of the oldies.

What memory did it bring back to you?

A lot from school days.  Like the Kurukere, we had a way of dancing it back in our school days. I enjoyed myself.


Otunba Dele Momodu


What will you say of King Sunny Ade’s performance tonight?

Superlative, wonderful, incredible, amazing and wholesome.

Did it bring any memory to you?

Of course, can’t you see me dancing and dancing?  I have been dancing like I have not done in a long time.



Good to see you dancing to King Sunny Ade’s music.

I love dancing to Sunny Ade.  These are hits that we no longer listen to.  Saturday and Sunday mornings before and after church this was what my father would be playing.  All these bring back my childhood memory.

What other memory did KSA’s music bring to you tonight?

It just reminded me of my childhood.  My childhood friends, my primary and secondary school, the holidays and my old neighbourhood. It’s a lovely feeling, it’s just great.


How do you feel watching King Sunny Ade performing tonight?


Did it remind you of your younger days?

Of course.  We’ve been following him for so long.

For how long have you been following him?

As long as I can remember.  Way from the time of General Adeyinka Adebayo.  He remains evergreen.

Yemi Shodimu

Yemi Shodimu


You have been dancing to King Sunny Ade since, what do you think of his performance tonight?

Electrifying, refreshing, a trip to the golden old days of Nigerian music and of course, certainly evergreen.

What reminiscences did it bring to you tonight?

Those beautiful days when music was music, life performance, full band with all you require to make juju in its original form.  And of course, the master himself knows his onions.  So, I am not surprised in any form.

Yomi Badejo-Okusanya-

Yomi Badejo-Okusanya-


What do you think of King Sunny Ade’s performance tonight?

Superlative.  Abi ka tun ma so nkan mi (What else can one say)?

What memory did it bring to you?

Way back, way back, way back.  I can’t even talk.




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