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‘What attracted me to music’ – ASP Akinola Olarotimi

His real name is Akinola Olarotimi, but popularly known as “Bishop”. The Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) has got everything inside of him to tell the world that indeed, something good can still come out of Nazareth.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the humble cop cum entertainer revealed what attracted him to music, his new life and much more…


When did the love for music start?

It started when I was 18 years old, I used to be in the choir in Assemblies of God Church, Isale-Eko on the Lagos Island way back then.

What was the attraction?

I will say that I can’t really say that this is what attracted me to music. It’s been in my blood, I have always been interested in music. You talk of the scan0083lyrics, talk of beats, etc. I remember vividly that I used to hang out with the Teen Television Crew on.

DBN Television UHF 32 anchored by ChiChi Okaro way back then. One of the members owned a pair of turntable, a mixer and a cassette recorder, and I remember making tapes for myself by free-styling. My style of rap attracted a lot of homies around my neighbourhood and even outside.

Are you a Bishop?

No, I am not a bishop, but like I said my kind of rap, my style of rap attracted a lot of people to me. Some said I am a pastor, some said I am an evangelist, others said I am a bishop of gospel rap, so that was how the name BISHOP came up!

How will you describe your upbringing?

Like I told you, I was born in downside Falomo Police Barracks on the Island. I grew up a barrack boy. That Falomo neighbourhood was a world with little or no hope where positive role models were few. We were hustling to make ends meet. In such a neighbourhood, hustlers and the wrong cliques were my heroes but mama’s positive words offered me the only way of escape to the softer world.

So what inspired this single, when this life is over?

Yes, “When this life is over” is basically a song I wrote when I was depressed. My best friend, a brother from another mother, died in the line of duty on December 22 (three days to Christmas). He was not just a colleague but a very good brother. His death shattered me. It was an eye opener to me one day truly this life will be over on one bright sweet morning day.

I am a kind of person that dishes out how I feel myself. If I haven’t experienced something, I won’t sing about it. So I just have to feel it first so that I can explain vividly.

The song, When this life is over is a song I am dedicating to all officers who died in active service, to ALL Officers who died in the struggle, to all officers who died serving their fatherland. I want to use this song to let them know we truly appreciate their good work!

So far how many songs do you have?

For now, this is just a promotional copy, other songs include: Goodbye, Jesus is coming soon, I choose you again, etc.

What have you achieved?

I definitely want to make marks with my profession: Policing and of course my music. Something that lasts. So that when I am gone, the song is still here. My whole life right now is music. I work it, I am married to it, I don’t even mess with it anymore, and I still have a lot inside of me to come out.

You know when you come with your heart and soul with anything that you do, somebody with the heart and soul is going to feel it. That’s what I put into my music. People know and respect the fact that I know what I’m saying.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Good question. As a Police Officer, I want to be remembered for the good things I have done for people. I want to touch lives.

Looking back so far, I don’t think I have gotten to the height I even want to get to. I still want to go more. It’s a New Year, I believe my fans are expecting something good from this Police Officer.


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