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What Buhari’s ‘change begins with me’ campaign demands from Nigerians

The new re-orientation campaign launched by the Federal Government last week tagged, ‘Change begins with me’ is nothing new. The demands of the ethos (‘characteristic spirit of a culture, era or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations’) are similar to others launched in the past and those practiced by citizens in serious climes, from leaders to plebeians.

They are the elements that make countries greater and more progressive.

In his speech at the launch of the campaign, President Muhammadu Buhari highlighted the following aims:

  1. Nigerians should change our attitudes and mindsets in everyday living.
  1. Re-establish our core values of honesty, hard work and Godliness.
  1. Add integrity, punctuality, good neighborliness, patriotism, anti-corruption to our values.
  1. Imbibe the spirit of service, responsibility, sacrifice and national fervor.
  1. Fight against thuggery, brigandage, cultism, vote stealing, indolence, impunity, pipeline vandalism, traffic rage and disobedience

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