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What do you do immediately after sex?

Different people have what they do after sex. 

Here are responses from people on what they do after sex…


Azeez Ajibola

Islam teaches us to take our bath when we are done with sex especially when you do it without a condom. We shouldn’t allow any dirt stay in our body after that action. A woman can accommodate a lot of things in her body, you shouldn’t allow that defile you.


Dele Bello

I go back to sleep but if I burn a lot of energy, I will go and get warm water to drink, after which I would go to sleep.


Tayo Owolabi

I would go to the restroom to wash my private well. I normally use warm water to do that, thereafter I will go back to sleep.


Lucky Ejeh

I will rest a bit. Take a shower, chilled drink and I would go for another round.


Deola Ajagun

I usually go to ease myself, wash my private part and I would go back to sleep.


Felix Okolo

Most times I love discussing with my wife to find out if she enjoyed it, why it took long for either of us to come or if anyone comes so early. We discuss then we go back to sleep.


Mary Davies

It depends on the time we had sex. I might go and shower, go about my business before I go to sleep.


Bimbo Garba

I usually go to the toilet first, most times I am usually pressed by the time we are done. If I am not planning to have a baby, I rush to the toilet to clean up. I use warm water to wash my private. Then I would go back to sleep.


Annet Charles

I normally go back to sleep. I don’t like it when my sleep is interrupted.




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