What entrepreneurs demand from the next president (2)

Business owners want the next Nigerian president to address some of the major issues confronting their sector.

Here are their demands from the next administration irrespective of who becomes the President between the ruling PDP and the opposition APC…


President Jonathan is never a realist, but more of an idealistic fellow. And he has been running the Nigerian economy aground with that frame of mind. For instance, he has, in collaboration with the CBN governor allowed a massive depreciation of the naira, ostensibly for the falling price of crude oil, and tangentially to deter massive importation in the delusion that such would spur local production, and in turn encourage more exportation of goods and services. But such delusion has never worked. Instead, it would trigger an untold inflation as we are yet to fully industrialise, and thus, the economy would be worse for it on the long run. Many businesses are already closing shop.

I would want the new government to really look into the forex issue for now, with a view to making it easily obtainable, so as to aid businesses, and curb inflation. I tell you, it is not yet time to stifle importation until we have industrialized to a level.

ORAKA NNANYELU NVY, Sulcata Entertainment

Sincerely, I think the current administration has done well in the aspect of entertainment. They have been very supportive and the entertainment industry has witnessed a profitable rise.

I expect the next administration to take lessons from this current administration and more important recognize that entertainment can be used to boost national revenue and also attract foreign investors. Let them come up with more structures that can help make funds accessible to the industry.

MRS ADEREMI, Ire Oluwa Salon

There are no customers because they complain of no money, no money, saying that there is no work, with all that it also affects our own business as well. So, the president should try to bring down the prices of everything in the market.

We want him to provide necessary things for the citizens so that we will live well.

PRECIOUS KALU, Precious Boutique

What I think the current administration is getting wrong is that they haven’t changed the status quo they met. The customs at the ports make importation tougher than necessary. We sometimes pay exorbitant fees to clear our goods. It makes us sell at higher prices.


What the present administration is not getting right is the issue of high tariff and import duties on fairly used cars and other items, including rice, fabrics and others. The Federal Government is not helping matters in this aspect.

I would like the next government to look into it critically and do something urgent to address the issue. For instance, if the tariff is reduced to barest minimum, it will help a lot of average Nigerians to become car owners and all that.


This current administration has done quite admirably. At least, they don’t neglect small scale businesses.

I have benefitted from Youwin Initiative by the federal government and it helped me achieved my set goals. I would like the next president to focus on developing our fashion industry because the world is waiting on Nigeria.

SHEDRACK IKEDUE, Shedico Global Concepts

As someone who deals in computers and gadgets, we face some tough tasks trying to import these products into the country. I was expecting the current administration after five years to have implemented policies that would encourage local manufacturers or at least, reduce the infiltration of these mushroom foreign companies that have filled the market. There is more emphasis on quality that on quantity.


Poor regulation is one of the challenges in the industry. The marketing communication sector is one that supports other sectors of the economy. The current devaluation of the naira has adversely affected businesses thereby affecting our bottom line, because clients spend more in production and have little or nothing to pay for the services of marketing communication experts.


There is no work because of corruption. People come to get money from us, all they say is that they are from the power holding company, so the government that is corrupt cannot say anything to it.

Better standard of living, better railway system, good road network, better health, good electricity.

GBENGA ADEWUSI (BAYOWA), Bayowa Records and Films International

The present administration is not doing well in our sector, no matter how people may be assessing the government. Piracy is killing the sector. No matter how much you try, pirates will render your efforts useless. You can’t afford to invest your money in either movie or music, you will end up regretting your action.

So, we want the next administration to come up with strict law against piracy. And anybody found guilty should be made to face the music.


The issue of exchange rate of the naira should be addressed. It is really affecting business. A stable naira will promote business, and this is what we want.


The issue of power is still our major challenge. It is only when this area is addressed that businesses will thrive. This is what we want from the next president.

FOLAKE SHOMUYIWA, Shomuyiwa Publication

The privatization of NEPA is not helping matters. The new companies is are managing it well. The expectations are high right now. The next administration must be ready to do well because people will not take it lightly. The security issue must be taken care of. And there should be job opportunities, so that people won’t have the time to make trouble, because an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.

OLUWAYEMI ATINUKE, Saint Andrews Pharmacy

Everything is alright. NAFDAC has progressed, there is this verification of original drugs they have come up with, hereby you by medicine and scratch off the silver panel, a secret code is behind it, you send it to a particular number also on the pack of the drug and you receive a text message instantly which will tell you if the drug is original.

The problem we have in the health sector is the refusal of the state government to regulate the trade properly. Those who are not supposed to be in the trade are there. People who hawk drugs illegally are everywhere, even in the market, you will see them with drugs.

They even have association now recognized only by the police who collect bribe from them. The next administration should do something about this.

DELE TOMIWA, God’s Time Electronics

Not much has been done in my field, more attention should be paid to electronics as there are so many fake electronics out there. The next government would do we’ll by combating importation of fake products.


The government is not showing much interest in what people consume. They should pump more revenue into this sector. It would make life much convenient.

TOCHUKWU MICHAEL, CEO Asandrea Collections

Number one is electricity, we need constant electricity in our production. Number two is lack of availability and accessibility of loans from the government for business owners.

I want the next government to support business owners in all ramifications. They should also provide stable electricity. Left for me creating employment is very easy,the Government needs, us the young brains to help them think.

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