What entrepreneurs demand from the next president

Business owners want the next Nigerian president to address some of the major issues confronting their sector.

Here are their demands from the next administration irrespective of who becomes the President between the ruling PDP and the opposition APC…


Cream It All Confectioneries

The naira is on the high side and it is really affecting my business because anytime I want to attend to customers, they feel I bill them unnecessarily without knowing that things are expensive.

He needs to make any consumable items cheaper in order to make life easy and convenient for everyone.

I expect whoever the next president would be to at least look into the state of the economy.


Smiley Event

Event management is a big and very wide business. I think President Jonathan should create an enabling environment for event managers to thrive in this country. Though most event companies are run by individuals, the government still needs to support event business.

The administration should learn to identify with the sector by supporting us. This sector can generate a lot of revenue for the government.


Lawrence and Company Ltd

The current administration has not provided adequate power for entrepreneurs. I think that should be the focus of the Federal Government in this political dispensation.


The major thing for me is electricity. I own a makeup studio and it saddens me when I have to run on generator for almost the whole day to satisfy my clients. I spend a lot of money on fuel almost every day. We are tired of epileptic power supply and therefore, they should please provide adequate electricity.


The present government is not taking the issue of piracy very seriously. And that’s the reason there is poverty in the industry. A situation where somebody somewhere is expecting you to release an album or movie so that he can pirate it in the next few hours and the only punishment if such a person is found guilty is to pay a token.

I think that’s not good enough. The next government should look into that aspect critically and ensure anybody caught pirating is adequately dealt wish so that we can move forward.


In my profession, copyright issue is still as ugly as ever. We are trying to fight it individually and in small groups, and this has not yielded the desired result. So, we implore the next administration to take it more seriously. Moreso, the government should also accord us more recognition in the scheme of things starting from whoever emerges as president this year.

GBENGA ALAKA, Perfect Hands Touch

The cost of running business has increased due to the fall of the economy and increase in exchange rate. The next administration needs to make our economy work. The exchange rate of dollar is high and it’s affecting the prices of accessories and materials. The high prices have reduced our profit margin.


The fashion industry in Nigeria is a burgeoning one. Research has it that this sector is not just only viable in terms of job creation, but also in great financial reimbursement.

This sector needs great infrastructural development. Our textile factories need to be revitalized. The government could set up policies that aid the acquisition of loans and financial assistance.

OLABISI ADEEKO, Bisaino Signature

We don’t feel the impact of this government in my industry. By now, I was expecting our local manufacturers of quality ready-to-wear outfits to be encouraged with incentives and stuff like that.


The textile industry is not doing as well as we want it to. Fabrics are not of the required quality for the right price. I would want this to be looked into. If they can do this, we will produce quality clothings at friendly prices.


Shirlz Mega Concepts Ltd

My sector had the issue of funding, which was never addressed by the Jonathan administration. We pray this would be looked into in 2015.


He didn’t get anything right. I expect the next president to address the issue of power, security and unemployment.



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