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What Femi Pedro missed in eight years

For the eight years that he was under the cloak of impeachment, Otunba Femi Pedro missed some benefits that could have accrued to him by virtue of “A Law to provide for the payment of pensions and other fringe benefits to public office holders in Lagos state.”

This law became effective in the same May 2007, that Otuba Femi Pedro was impeached.

The benefits include:

– Annual basic salary of N2,112,215 which for eight years will be N16,897,720.

– Accommodation: One residential house at any location of his  choice in Lagos State.

– Transportation: Two cars (usually jeep) and in addition a pilot and 1 backup car to be replaced every three years.

– Furniture: Furniture allowance is 300 percent of the annual basic salary that is N6,336,645 to be paid enbloc every two years. For the eight years that is N25,346,580.

– House Maintenance is 10 percent of annual basic salary. That is N211,211.50. for eight years, that is N1,689,772.

– Personal Assistant allowance is N528,053.75 per annum which is the 25 percent of annual basic salary. For eight year, that is N4,224,430.

– Car maintenance allowance is 30 percent of the annual basic salary which is N633,664.50. For eight years that is N5,069,316.00.

Entertainment allowance is 10 percent of annual basic salary which N311,221.50k. For eight years, that is N1,689,772.00.

– Utility allowance is 20 percent which is N422,443. For eight years that is N3,379,544.


The total amount for the benefits that Otunba Femi Pedro has missed in eight years is N96,317,134. This is also the amount his successor, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, who was deputy governor for just three weeks (May 10, 2007 – May 29, 2007) has been enjoying.


Table of what he missed for 8 years

  1. Basic salary – N16,897,720
  2. Furniture Allowance – N25,346,580
  3. House maintenance – N1,689,772
  4. Personal Assistant – N4,224,430
  5. Car maintenance – N5,069,316
  6. Entertainment – N1,689,772
  7. Utility Allowance – N3,379,544

                Total – N96,317,134 


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