What friends said about late publisher Dada Eriye (2) -‘He was a perfect gentleman’- Azuh Arinze, Publisher, Yes International magazine

What would you miss about him?

Azuh Arinze

Azuh Arinze

I would miss not seeing him again, would miss the fact that each time we are having our meeting, he said the opening and closing prayer. He was a perfect gentleman, on few occasions he did something that was not right, I complained about it and he tendered his apology immediately.

Your last moment together?

The last time I saw him was when we had our League of Soft-sell Publishers’ meeting. He came late and as usual, he said the closing prayer. One thing I noticed was that, that day, he was looking very smart in his new South South attire which made look “sharper” than usual. So, each time I closed my eyes, I see that picture of him.

How would you describe your friendship?

He was a good friend, because there were two things he did for me that I will continue to remember. First, was when I started my magazine, I did not have a circulation manager but he had one circulation manager and he personally told him to also help me do my circulation as well. Second, after I got my office, he bumped into me one day and began telling me where and how to go about purchasing furniture I needed for my office.

How would you describe his personality?

He was a gentleman. The only time I could decode him was when he wrote some stories.

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