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What I dislike about WhatsApp groups (3)

WhatsApp groups are mushrooming, and many Nigerians are upset about the messages sent by their compatriots.

We spoke to some on their experiences…


Ezem Joy
I hate the unnecessary broadcast done by members of WhatsApp groups. You would have started reading thinking it’s a serious issue, at the end of the day, it might turn out to be a joke or broadcast for one religion or the other. It’s so irritating, most people don’t know where to do certain things.

Oritoke Adijat
What I hate about WhatsApp group is the unreasonable dissemination of information. Some things that are not just worth discussing are posted on WhatsApp groups. You would just be disappointed after reading it.

Olusoji Bowale
What I hate about WhatsApp group, especially my school’s WhatsApp group is the fact that there are too many immature people on the group. You will just see them arguing unnecessarily, they fight and curse each other. They even go as far as threatening each other. So many times, I have tried to exit the group, but someone keeps adding me

Racheal Collins
I think what I hate is the fact that there are too many people on most groups, yet there are very few active members. Especially in the school setting, our department group, for instance. You only see a lot of people participating when result is released. Then, everyone becomes a participant. Once each person knows his/her fate, within two and three weeks, the group becomes boring again.

Akeye Abosede
Too many unsolicited messages, automatic downloading of pictures and videos that on several occasions, are not even useful. All these things just eat up one’s subscription, I don’t like them.

  • Azeezat Kareem

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